Tips For Choosing And Fulfilling New Year’s Resolutions

You do not even dare to make your list of proposals for this year that will begin, because you know that you are not going to fulfill it. I tell you what to do to achieve it.

The night of the end of the year is used by some people to propose to achieve twelve different goals, one for each month of the year. Children think about moving to the next school year, others raising their grades, being more tolerant of their siblings and helping at home with cleaning tasks. If you realize they are prone to thinking about things that they really believe they can do, perhaps not with the intended success, but they do know they can achieve it. On the other hand, adults are more likely to fail because we propose things that are more difficult to achieve – and some not very necessary -, which causes us to forget more easily.

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If you do not want the history of each beginning of the year to repeat itself, here are some ideas about what you can take into account to make your list of resolutions this end of the year.

1. Ask for help

On many occasions, wanting to change something in yourself can be dangerous. Therefore, you should ask for guidance to avoid any conflict, and thus increase the times to achieve it. For example, if you want to lose weight, start to do it gradually and preferably get the help of a nutritionist to guide you, as well as a coach to give you exercise routines according to your needs.

2. One step at a time

If your idea is to start exercising and you don’t have this habit, don’t think that you’re going to do it all your life, because you risk that you won’t even be able to do it one day. As soon as you wake up, think that just for that day you are going to exercise, and as soon as you are doing it, learn to enjoy it; see how each part of your body begins to have life thanks to you. Apply the same formula for things that take a little more work to do.

3. Be honest

Avoid proposing to yourself things that you know in advance that you cannot do in a single year. If it is about plans for the more distant future, then you can divide it into several short-term projects that can lead you to do what you want. It would be the case to plan your wedding, for example. The fact of choosing the party room, decorations, godparents, invitations, honeymoon place, the house where they will live, the furniture and all the expenses that that would mean.

4. Don’t give up

When you go to a gym, the first month of the year you find the place full, but in the middle you find it like the end of November: with very few people. This is because most people give up very quickly by not seeing results immediately. This waiver applies to a vast majority of purposes: losing weight, exercising, learning a language, going on a diet, going back to school, finishing a thesis, saving money, and so on. Don’t allow yourself to give up until you see the results you want.

New Year’s resolutions should be achieved by most of the people, as they are proposed by each one, without being pressured to do so. And as Brian Tracy would say “if what you are doing does not bring you closer to your goals, it means that your actions are taking you away from them.” Each person is responsible for what he does or does not do. Much success in each of your purposes!

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