Time: It’s Not About Quantity But Quality

The time that you dedicate to your family will allow you to strengthen family ties. Make this time quality with these tips.

The accelerated pace in which we live today makes us think that there is no time to give to the family, or that if we give them time, perhaps, it is what we have left over after taking care of everything else; there is no more wrong idea than this.

To strengthen family ties we must spend as much time as possible together; therefore, we must ask ourselves:

What is the most important thing in my life?

Surely your answer is: my family, and that is why you are in families.com

What do I spend my time on today?

If your answer is different from my family, maybe it could be work, friends, sports, and so on.

Do I spend enough time on what matters most to me?

If your answer is no, then surely you are not spending enough time with your family; therefore, it is time to put your priorities in order and change some habits.

We may think: “But I must work, in this way I also take care of my family.” It is true; However, you must set yourself a primary task: dedicate time to the family, but not what you have left over. It has happened to me frequently that I have wanted to do this in my family, and we have been able to find moments to be together; sadly, I didn’t see a change. This led me to another question: how do we spend time with our loved ones?

We can be together for many hours, but maybe not in the right way. It happens sometimes, for example, that we find ourselves in the same room watching TV, listening to music, playing each other with a computer or with the cell phone, sending messages, talking, or many other things. It’s time to put things in order, I thought, and that’s why I made a campaign at home to have quality time. If you are wondering how can I achieve this? Here are some simple tips:

Make the most of every minute

Every second, every minute counts, especially if you don’t have a lot of time. Use the time wisely to teach your children and your spouse and, above all, to listen to them.

Set aside one night a week

What we call “family home evening” in my house can help you discuss particular issues together, be able to ask for help from family members, and find solutions together, as a team does.

Do something together

You can find something in common that everyone enjoys doing: going for a walk, going for a walk, doing crafts, going to the movies, playing or reading in the park, etc.

Eat as a family

At least one meal a day, without a television or other object to distract them. This time will allow them to interact and catch up on the things that others are doing.

Spend time with each one

Have time with your spouse, as well as with each of your children; which will help you to know them better each time and to know the peculiarities of each one.

Take an interest in your children’s activities

In my case, my baby is only seven months old (no matter how small or big your children are, it is possible to be interested in what they do and encourage them), but we are interested in the achievements that they may have in their growth: now they are already strengthening crawling muscles and I can help you get your first words out.

Turn off the television


Include the entire family in household chores. And above all, make these fun.

I’ve been doing this campaign for a few days; For sure, the time is now of higher quality and I have realized that I am learning more about my family; on the other hand, it is certain that we will pay less in the electricity bill with the television turned off for longer. There is nothing more important to me than my family members; I love them and know that any effort invested in them will have been worth it to always be together. What do you think about the quantity and quality in the time you spend with your family? Tell us about it.

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