Three Ideas To Help Your Children Appreciate Classical Music

Tips for your children to appreciate classical music in all its forms.

The term classical music, although it usually refers to a period of time in the history of art, is the way we colloquially call all kinds of serious or instrumental music. There are many studies that have shown that this type of musical piece stimulates the brain in a special way, so that its introduction into daily life brings many benefits.

As a musician, I have heard the comments of many people indicating that they do not like this genre of music because they find it boring or lifeless. You could not be more wrong. I think that many times, these comments come from a lack of knowledge and, above all, an approach to this basic part of the general world culture.

I don’t mean to say that it is the only valid genre or the one we should listen to all day. I simply want to share what can help our children to have an open mind to appreciate this music that has a lot to contribute to us, as it is the basis of everything we listen to today. Now, how can we get our children interested in this type of music? Here are three good tips:

Let’s have an open mind

I understand that many times even we as parents do not know musical pieces or the name of the symphonies, because we have become used to listening to other types of music in accordance with the customs of our region or family, but if we are not willing to listen to new things from time to time every now and then, we are limiting our knowledge. Let’s start with music that we like and help us calm down, adding small fragments of some pieces to the music we listen to daily, for example, while we are driving or when we get ready to sleep.

Let’s bring children physically closer to music

Many times in our city there are free or very low cost concerts where small orchestras or groups play classical music. Taking children is a good option for them to get to know the instruments, the environment in which it is played and different musical pieces that can be very fun. Encourage them to identify the sounds of different instruments as they play or to follow the movements of an orchestra leader.

Let’s associate classical music with daily life

If we pay close attention, classical music is closely linked to the culture of television or radio, some themes of famous films or programs are classic pieces such as the famous Lone Ranger, whose main melody is from the Guillermo Tell Overture by Giacomo Rossini or the soundtracks of Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, played exclusively with orchestral instruments.

However, if our children are still reluctant to listen to this type of music, we can invite them to observe various celebrities who have taken a turn on classical music, turning famous songs into authentic pieces worthy of appreciation played by violins, piano or cellos. Examples of this are the artists Lindsey Stirling and The Piano Guys, who have gained fame mainly thanks to the YouTube platform.

Let’s follow these tips so that our children appreciate this musical genre and enrich their knowledge and senses through the enjoyment of an art that touches our hearts.

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