This Only Activity Lowers Your Chances Of Getting These 13 Types Of Cancer

7. 6 million people die annually from cancer, science has proven that these 13 types of cancer can be prevented with a very simple step, find out.

Each year, 7.6 million people around the world die after developing cancer, and more than half of this number dies only when they are between 30 and 69 years old. Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases in humanity, it is like a death sentence, with the difference that the affected person has not committed any crime to deserve it.

The cancer does not just end with the patient, but causes untold emotional pain loved ones of these people. Endless struggles, and clinging to life tooth and nail, causes all kinds of wear and tear. Fortunately for everyone, science has discovered that physical exercise is your number one weapon when it comes to avoiding this terrible disease, drastically reducing your chances of developing it.

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The results of the study that reached this conclusion were published in JAMA Internal Medicine (the epidemiological and genetic division of the National Cancer Institute). The results shed light on the best ways to prevent this devastating disease. Other prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and other universities in the United States and Europe participated in this massive investigation.

By combining the results of research involving one million and forty-four thousand men and women, it was concluded that physical activities such as fast walking or running regularly have an immense impact on people’s health.

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What types of cancer can you avoid by keeping a COSNTANTLY active life?

The research concluded that at least half an hour of daily exercises prevents:

  1. Sennos Cancer

  2. Lung cancer

  3. Colon cancer

  4. Liver cancer

  5. Esophagus cancer

  6. Kidney cancer

  7. Stomach cancer

  8. Cancer in the blood

  9. Bone marrow cancer

  10. Cancer in the brain

  11. Cancer in the neck

  12. Rectal cancer

  13. Bladder cancer

The conclusive results established that the more active a person is, the less chance they will have of developing these 13 types of cancer. When the researchers compared the results between the 10 percent of the most active people on the list with the 10 percent of the least active people, the former were 20 percent more likely to live their entire lives without contracting at least these 13 types of Cancer.

Dr. Moore, one of the leaders of the research, explained that they are not sure why physical exercise has so many positive effects, however, they believe that “changes in hormonal levels, inflammation, digestion, and in general the energy level, would be the factors that make the difference.

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“It’s important to note that exercising daily has a huge (and positive) impact on your health, and it costs nothing,” Dr. Moore noted at the conclusion of the research.

How to incorporate it into your life and that of your family?

Exercise is addictive

Unbelievably, you only need to push yourself to the gym or out of the house for a walk or a run, for the first few weeks; Once your body has gotten used to the “delicious” hormones, oxygen and your overall well-being, you won’t see the hours when it’s time to exercise again (believe it, it never fails).

Routines make your life magical

The key for you to get used to exercising daily is routine. Exercise becomes something like food. Your body gets used to you feeding it at certain times of the day, and that’s why when that time approaches, you’re hungry. If you get used to your body to exercise every day in the morning, every day you will feel the need to train.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

If you have the opportunity to listen to a book or exercise in front of a television while watching a documentary or something instructional, the more addicted your body will become to wanting to exercise at the same time each day.

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