This Nurse Did What Nobody Dared To Do When They Saw The Suffering Of This Premature Baby

What this nurse did transformed the life of an entire family.

Just thinking of the anguish of many parents who receive the terrible news that their baby will have to be born long before the end of pregnancy and that as a consequence the little one will find himself fighting for his life, it is devastating and my heart shudders. No baby should go through this ordeal, they are so fragile, innocent, sweet and loving, that it moves anyone.

The World Health Organization estimates that 15 million premature babies are born each year in the world and this is increasing each year. More than a million die each year due to complications in childbirth, some survive, however, they have a greater possibility of suffering some type of disability for life related to learning, visual and hearing problems.

Trevor and Sarah Bentley are a spectacular marriage, they longed to be parents, so the adventure began, soon Sarah became pregnant and the whole family was happy. However, happiness in a few moments became the most terrible anguish, according to what was published in CoolCloud and other media.

A terminal illness

Sarah began to have problems throughout her pregnancy, developing a serious illness that put her life and the baby at risk. She suffered from multi-organ failure, which is the failure of more than one vital organ system such as: kidney, liver, lung, brain or heart function.

At 27 weeks’ gestation, she had to undergo emergency surgery to perform a cesarean section and be able to save the baby. The little boy named Connor, born weighing 900 grams, was so small that his length was the palm of a hand.

After the cesarean section the baby was transferred to intensive care and placed in an incubator to give it enough heat to wait for it to develop and live. The little boy struggled day after day, despite the care offered by doctors, there was a unique case of a nurse who took care of little Connor day and night.

The nurse named Gwenn was shocked when she saw the little boy, so out of love she decided not to part with him. At the same time, the miracle happened when Sarah managed to recover from her illness and as soon as she was able to get out of bed she accompanied her baby.

The parents were never separated from Connor, however, as in all hospitals, there are rules and time to be with loved ones in the intensive care room, they had to leave every few hours.

The parents realized that the nurse Gwenn stayed all the time watching over their baby, when they returned home. She went out of her way and put all her effort to make Connor survive, she even gave him a couple of t-shirts to keep him warm, she never stopped having faith and prayed for him.

A role that changed their lives

Little Connor spent 65 days in the hospital, which the nurse devoted intensively to his care. The father remembers that Gwenn’s work went beyond a simple job, that everything she did changed the lives of her family, bringing them closer together.

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A show of gratitude

Little Connor is 4 years old, he is a great fighter and a brave boy. The parents are happy and grateful to the nurse, for this reason they decided to surprise her. The parents, together with the team of doctors, met in the meeting room, in a few moments the family entered the room, little Connor was carrying a bouquet of flowers.

The nurse was very surprised and hugged the little boy with great tenderness and love. The parents decided to make a video as a thank you for their incredible love and work.

Love to the work

Without a doubt, love for what you do can make a difference and change the lives of those around you. A simple gesture Gween made saved the life of a little boy. For this reason, it is important to love work and not only expect financial reward, but satisfaction and joys.

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