This Is What You Should Eat For Breakfast To Have The Ideal Weight And Energy You Need

Some suggestions for breakfast that will make you feel well-being and energized throughout the day.

They say that “breakfast is the most important food of the day” and it is completely true, since while you sleep the body assimilates all the nutrients that you consumed during the day and needs those energy sources that help it perform its functions of optimally. That is why it is proven that people who do not eat breakfast tend to gain weight and feel tired during the rest of the day.

That is why we have decided to share some of the foods that will help you feel great throughout the day; Remember that if you consume the classic cup of coffee and a sweet bread, the only thing you put into your body is extreme sugar that will instantly give you “energy” but a couple of hours, you will be looking for something to eat.

So take into account these foods recommended by Dr. Neal Bernard, who is the author of the book entitled “Power Foods for the brain”, you will begin to feel changes quickly, here we go!

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1. Oats

This is a source of healthy carbohydrates that helps the body not have sugar “spikes” that “go up” but a couple of hours later you get the “low”. Oatmeal is also rich in fiber and lowers cholesterol, so consuming it in a smoothie or atole could be a great option to have energy throughout the day.

2. Beans

Believe it or not, or see it as a “simple” food, consuming this type of food in the morning helps the body to work well during the rest of the day, as it contains a high amount of protein; prefer them over sausage or bacon, since the latter, although they do contain protein, are also high in fat, which will translate into more belly, diver!

3. Fruits

Fruits are a natural source of energy, there are some that are recommended and can be a great choice, such as: bananas, apples, kiwis or peaches. If you don’t like them in their natural form, then you can choose to eat them in a shake or smoothie , for example, a glass of banana smoothie with oatmeal could be a good option to start the day.

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4. Milk

Milk is a food that provides a lot of calcium and protein, but also fat and cholesterol, so it is always highly recommended to prefer skim milk or, also, opt for an alternative such as soy milk that has the same nutrients as soy. beef, but without the great contribution of fat and cholesterol.

5. Almonds

This fruit can be very beneficial when consumed in the morning, as it helps stabilize blood sugar levels, as well as having proteins and minerals that will recharge you with energy; For example, if you eat oatmeal with soy milk and add some almonds, you will surely have all the pile you need.

Now you have many healthy food options for breakfast of champions. The only thing left to do is know how to combine all of these and have a correct diet so that you can be recharged throughout the day. Remember that varying them during the week can help you eat them with pleasure and do not fall into the routine, yes you can!

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