This Is What Angelina Jolie Thinks Of Her Mother; And You, What Value Does Your Mother Have For You?

The influence of mothers in life is something that is never forgotten; This is what Angelina Jolie says about Her mom. And you, what do you think of yours?

No matter how time passes, our mother will never cease to occupy an important place in the heart and life of each one of us, even if she has already ceased to exist on this plane.

The praiseworthy example Angelina Jolie received

We all know Angelina Jolie, whether for the good that is said about her or for the not so praiseworthy, but a facet that very few know about her is about the relationship she had with her mother, Marcia Lynne Bertrand (Marcheline Bertrand was her name artistic).

Angelina is the daughter of fellow actor Jon Voight, whom Jolie mother married in 1971, however, in 1980 they divorced and the upbringing of Angelina and her older brother was left to her mother. Words from Angelina, she always admired her for having the strength to raise them as a single mother.

Angelina remembers her mother with a lot of love and admits that she feels that she can never be as good a mother as her since she describes her as a woman full of grace and that due to her name (Marcheline) she was affectionately called Marshmallow (candy cloud) since that she was “the most compassionate, tender and sweet woman in the world”

Jolie also declared after her mother’s death from ovarian cancer: “My love for children, my values, my concerns about what is happening in the world, everything comes from her. My mother was the most wonderful woman and a fantastic role model for me.

And it is that certainly Marcheline was a woman dedicated to humanitarian work, just like Angelina is. Bertrand together with her husband John Trudell created the “All Tribes” Foundation dedicated to supporting the cultural and economic survival of indigenous peoples, for which they managed to raise money for this cause.

In addition to the above, they also participated in various activities for the benefit of refugee Afghan women and for associations dedicated to raising awareness about the different types of gynecological cancer that exist, this due to the suffering of Angelina Jolie’s mother.

The mother as an example

Just like Angelina, it is very possible that in one way or another you have followed in your mother’s footsteps. In my case, I must admit that if it weren’t for what my mother taught me as a child, I would never have been able to overcome the tests that life has presented to me.

In our eyes, our mother is more than perfect, and we can see them with the eyes of love and admiration. Yes, as everyone has made mistakes, but even from them and their mistakes we can also learn.

If there is someone who can be there when we need them and without judging us, it is they, who are willing to listen to the most rugged that we are capable of living and telling them, and even if their brow is contracted their word will be of advice or a call for attention, but they will never stop loving us.

Just as Angelina has recognized that she can never become as good a mother as hers, I have to admit the same, I can never be as excellent a woman as my mother. What is clear is that I will follow her example to the best of my ability, I will help and support my family and acquaintances, I will always strive to give my best in every situation that comes my way, because I am her daughter.

We are all very lucky, because regardless of the type of mother that has touched us in life, we have the choice to follow their example, move away from their mistakes, correct our steps, rely on their image and be a similar or improved version of our closest and closest role model, our mother.

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