This Is For You Dad, You Didn’t Want To Stay By My Side

The most terrible suffering when feeling abandoned by a father, can turn into love. Discover the lessons that life teaches children.

The story you will read below belongs to someone I know, very close. The departure of his father left indelible marks and invites us to reflect on the importance of the presence of a father in life. But this story also encourages us to forgive, to look forward, and to see the bright side of life despite obstacles.

His father was not by his side, but he learned a lot from life, and today I want to share his story with you:

I do not know the reason for his absence, I do not know what were his reasons that made him decide to leave my mother when he was a child. Only a vague memory invades my heart, it was that summer afternoon where he took me to the park to play with the swings, I even still remember that peculiar aroma of his lotion when he gave me his last hug.

Much of my life he blamed me for his absence ;I even believed that I was the reason why he had left. As the years passed, the tears diminished, all the letters I had written at that time were left in the corner of the closet, even my thoughts forgot completely.

My mother always told me good things about him, she told me that my father had a different way of loving; that despite his absence, he was sure that one day we would meet again and thus recover the lost years. And so it was, after 15 years I saw my father again.

One day like today I heard his voice. I was cut, since she shed her tears when she mentioned my name. My heart was beating a thousand an hour, I didn’t know whether to scream with happiness or cry with sadness, since he had summoned me to have a face-to-face meeting.

An unexpected surprise

I was very nervous and anxious, I kept looking at the clock that told me the time he would arrive; Suddenly the doorbell rang and as if years had never passed, my dad walked in. I felt a big hug with a force difficult to describe, while he did it he said “Son I missed you a lot, forgive me”

In those moments, we both shed our tears; I replied: “Dad, for what reason should I forgive you, if you haven’t done anything wrong to me? I only know that thanks to your absence I have become a great man »

And then, after his absence, these are the lessons I learned:

1 I value family unity

During my childhood, I really enjoyed the love of my mother, my grandparents, my uncles and cousins; every Christmas and special dates we met and shared wonderful moments. They gave me all their love, they helped me to strengthen my self-esteem, security and confidence; Thanks to her affectionate displays, I now value family unity.

I know that in difficult moments we can count on the family, that they are the strength that drives us forward; they are the refuge and protection that every person needs to feel good emotionally. Now that you are here, you can enjoy with me that wonderful experience of having a united family and being part of it.

2 I respect and love my mother

Thank you dad for choosing a great woman to be my mother. She is the most important thing in my life; It is my strength, my shield in battle, my guide and support. She has fought tirelessly to see me always happy; He took care of me when I was sick, he has made me learn from my mistakes and be a good man.

I learned to respect women and treat them with sweetness and affection, since they are the bearers of life; They are strong women, fighters and invincible. Thank you father for giving me the best gift of life, my mother.

3 Different ways of loving

I learned that there are many different ways to love; that a father can love his children from a distance; even that the affective demonstration is not so important, since the father and son bond it never breaks, it is indestructible. Undoubtedly, the two of us will always have that magical connection, that complicity and that love that unites us for life. “I love you dad”

4 Be brave

On more than one occasion, I saw my mother cry, that broke my heart into a thousand pieces. I never approached her to ask the reason for her tears, since deep down I knew the answer.

Thanks to your absence I learned to be brave, to show her that I had matured and that she no longer had to worry about me. I even reminded her many times that she was not alone because she counted on me to defend her forever. In my dreams I became that hero of the stories, to help my mother.

I was brave many times, as I wanted her to see me happy and smiling. Thank you dad because I discovered that strength and strength within me, that I did not know I had ever had.

5 I’m not the only one

Maybe when I was a child my world was shattered after your decision to leave. But as time went by, I realized that I was not the only person in the world who was living the same thing as me, so I became a more empathetic and grateful person with life.

I learned that my life experience has helped many people that I esteem and that I am testimony that there is true forgiveness, that which is born in the depths of the soul. “I repeat, what should I forgive you for?”

6 miracles exist

Sometimes my faith disappeared completely, since I came to think that my prayers were not being heard. However, now that you are with me and that I can see your tired face, your hair full of gray, your eyes flooded with tears; I know that miracles exist. God has touched your heart, he has made you learn that children are blessings. Thank you father for being here, and for your love!

I would never wish to return to the past, now the most valuable thing I have is my present, with you by my side I feel more invincible than ever. “Me too, I missed you dad.”

The words of this man teach us to value life and redeem ourselves before forgiveness, because when God touches the hearts of people, he works miracles. He could have chosen never to forgive his father again. However, today he shares his story with the world so that we learn that the paths of forgiveness lead us to have peace of heart and absolute happiness.

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