This Girl Died Suddenly On The Beach And What Causes Her Death Can Affect Anyone (you Too)

These drinks are becoming more popular every day and young people are their most punctual target. Know the truth about these types of products.

Imagine the following story: A charming young woman who likes to travel, have fun in a healthy way, without any illness or health problem and with normal family life. Lanna was the name of this girl who liked to share her adventures on social media.

This young woman scheduled a trip to Mexico and upon arrival in the country immediately went to have fun at one of its beautiful beaches where without further explanation she suffered a heart attack and died despite the efforts of paramedics.

Lanna’s family demanded that the reason for her death be investigated because as I told you at the beginning, her health was the best.

Forensic doctors ruled that her death had to do with something the young woman had ingested: an energy drink.

Lanna’s mother recalled that her daughter had not eaten or drank water except Redbull before her heart collapsed.

Jack Wolfson, a cardiologist who treated Lanna’s case, determined that what could have caused her heart attack was the drink with high levels of sugar and caffeine and this beautiful young woman consumed them in excess.

The detail of the story can be found in the portal Baúl de Ideas.

The Excelsior newspaper also published an article where sugary drinks are not only related to obesity but also to heart attacks and strokes.

The civil association “Alianza por la Salud Alimentaria” launched the campaign “Don’t damage your heart” to warn the population about the various damage that sugar and energy drinks directly cause to the heart.

On the other hand, El Universal published it as a “National alarm” because the consumption of energy drinks can make the body collapse in a short period of time.

Why are energy drinks so bad?

These drinks usually contain ingredients such as caffeine, guarana, taurine, and sugar that put together are a real “time bomb” for the brain, heart and kidneys.

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And as if that weren’t enough, some young people add alcoholic beverages to these drinks, which actually triggers certain damage.

Some of the consequences of consuming energy drinks are:

  1. Raise the heart rate

  2. Increase blood pressure

  3. Produce insomnia

  4. Tachycardia

  5. Tremors

  6. Anxiety

  7. Irritability

  8. Dehydration

  9. Chest pain

  10. Diarrhea

  11. Headache

  12. Increases appetite

  13. Tingling all over the body or hands and feet

Now, if a person has heart problems and does not know it, consuming these drinks can be a trigger for the disease that causes a heart attack and therefore death.

Many people believe that consuming these drinks can improve their performance, be it sports, nights out, sexual performance or in daily life and they begin to consume them in excess and when they realize the damage that they have caused it is too late.

What can we do

  1. Do not consume them

  2. Never give them to minors

  3. Never combine them with alcohol or other stimulants

  4. Drink plain water before and after consuming them

  5. Eat food, never fasting

It will always be better to drink fresh water, fruit, serums for hydration, exercise, rest, eat healthy, visit the doctor in case of feeling exhausted or lack of energy.

Remember: Easy Comes Easy Goes Energetic increases can be very pleasant but are soon lost and do much more harm than good.

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