This February 14th, Finally Celebrate Your Best Friend — Yourself.

We are close to celebrating the day of love and friendship, surely you already have details for your love and some close friends. But have you thought about celebrating yourself?

In this perfectionist and sometimes empty world, it is common for us to find ourselves living every day to the limit of our capabilities, especially if we are wives and mothers. The responsibility involved in being the pillar of the home sometimes keeps us awake, overwhelmed, neglected, and even alone, while we manage – like the juggler – to keep all the possible “balls” in the air at the same time. This includes the husband and friends; Sometimes it is easier to give yourself time or permission to neglect the daily obligations to attend to a friend in trouble, than to solve a personal need.

Be your best friend

What good would “being your best friend” do? It is not about being a narcissist, but about considering that you are important, that you need to dedicate time each day, so that you live life and do not let it pass you by. How do I suggest we do this? Here are three simple ideas:

1. Accept yourself as you are and love yourself that way

You don’t continually tell a friend what her points of improvement are, but you accompany her on the path to being better, right? Do the same with yourself. It is common that we make mistakes, that we do things wrong or that we have bad days but, nothing happens! Give yourself the opportunity to recognize that whenever you act, you do it looking for your good and that of your loved ones. Learn to turn the page of those not so good days and spread love and harmony in your family! Take time to look up your answers, to understand your reactions, and to get the best of yourself.

2. Take time

Even if it’s ten or fifteen minutes a day: you need to spend a little time with yourself, in peace and quiet, to compose yourself and plan. It is not enough that you give your life to others, lovingly, you are also responsible for yourself! Not because you care for others to the extreme, your needs will be met. Detect what you need to be happy and give it to yourself every day. You will see how your mood improves and you feel more peace.

3. Don’t forget about yourself

It seems too obvious what follows, but have you ever thought that the only person with whom you will be safely until your death is yourself? So, enjoy yourself! What could you do to celebrate, seek, care for and pamper your one and only travel companion? What recognition and love do you owe to that special person? You can give, and a lot; think that what you offer to your loved ones is directly proportional to the acceptance, love and sweetness with which you treat and procure yourself.

For all this, this Valentine’s Day indulges and entertains the eternally forgotten in these festivities: the woman who looks at you every time you stand in front of the mirror. You, your best friend.

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