This Couple Who Would Have Twins, But Didn’t Know The Creepy ‘contract’ That Would Come From The Doctor, Afterwards

They say that “life can change in a minute” and whoever said it was right.

They say that “life can change in a minute” and whoever said it was right. It only takes a moment for anyone’s life story to make a radical change. This is precisely what happened to Jayde and Marcus, a couple who seemed to be doing very well.

His story, despite looking a bit strange to you, is totally real. If you don’t believe us, check out what happened to them when he was pregnant, you’ll be frozen!

Yes, they were pregnant with twins!

According to the information published by the web portal Jayde and Marcus are a couple from England who, when they got pregnant, found out that they would have twins, which filled them with emotion, joy and many good feelings. Everything was going perfectly, but when Jayde arrived for her ultrasound number 16, the doctor revealed some information that left them a little surprised.

Her children suffered from “Transfusion Syndrome”, a strange condition that only happens to identical twins, this is very rare. In this condition, what happens is that the blood vessels of the twins are shared through the placenta, which makes the feeding of both beings very complicated. Within this syndrome, there is a twin called the “donor twin” who is the one who loses blood and the twin that is receiving it is known as the “recipient twin.”

What was the matter with this?

Well, obviously, the life of one of them (the recipient twin) was very much in danger, this tormented their parents greatly, to which the doctors indicated that the only way to save both was through fetal surgery laser so that the blood flow could be normalized, the only warning that the doctors made is that they could not guarantee that everything would be perfect, that the chance that the twins would survive was only 65%.

In an effort to save them both, the parents accepted, but before this, they made them sign a contract in which it was clearly stipulated that their children had a 35% chance of dying, that they were aware of the situation and that if When the doctors died they would be totally innocent of any kind of charge, with all the pain in their hearts, knowing that this could happen, they signed because they loved their children more than anything else.

What happened?

Well, the operation was carried out and it was a resounding success! Both babies are perfectly fine, they were able to be born without any problem and are currently completely healthy. Twins are very loved in their home by both parents and of course, by their entire family. It is worth mentioning that the twins were born so well that they currently have a contract to model some children’s clothing. There is no doubt that when there is a good vibe involved, anything can be achieved!


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