They Present The Baby Who Was Born Twice Even Though The Doctors First Suggested Ending The Pregnancy

It is perfect wherever you look at it and it is no wonder. This baby is a warrior and made her entrance to this world 2 times.

Margaret Boemer, was pregnant with twins and before reaching the end of her first trimester, the doctors informed her that one of the two babies had died.

That was only the first bad news this mother had to face.

According to what was published in Fox 13, Boemer went for a routine exam when she was 16 weeks gestation and the doctors found a second bad news to give her; the baby she was expecting had a tumor.

Posted by Margaret Hawkins Boemer on  Friday, October 21, 2016

“Sacrococcygeal teratoma” is what this mother heard and judging by the face of her doctor, she understood that it was something serious.

The sacrococcygeal teratoma, is a terminal extragonadal tumor is most common in childhood. In most cases, this tumor is detected in the fetus. “It is the most common tumor we see in newborns,” explains Dr. Darrell Cass, who is the co-director of the Texas Children’s Fetal Center.

One in 35,000 newborns develops this condition.

This type of tumor, in many cases, does not represent an impediment for the baby to develop inside the mother’s womb, however, in the case of this baby, this was not the case.

The tumor began to grow feeding on the blood that the fetus uses to develop. It grew so large to the point where the baby’s heart began to be affected, to the point that it would eventually stop working causing her death before she could be born.

Her parents decide to continue with the pregnancy

Despite doctors suggesting that it was best to terminate the pregnancy, this family chose life.

Dr. Cass’s team suggested doing surgery before the baby was born.

A miracle

The surgery took place at 23 weeks and 5 days of gestation. And as reported by Fox 13, the tumor at that time was “almost bigger than the baby.”

During Lynlee surgery, the baby was completely removed from her mother’s womb, which is considered her first birth, and during this procedure her heart practically stopped, but the medication they used worked and she came back to life.

After they finished removing the tumor, they placed the girl once more in her mother’s womb to finish developing.

Posted by Margaret Hawkins Boemer on  Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Second birth

Despite the pain that her mother went through after the operation and 12 weeks of complete rest, Lynlee Hope, made her second majestic entry into this world after a cesarean section.

Weighing 2 kilos 400 grams, the little warrior, born twice, is the symbol of a miracle that for God there are no impossibilities.

Despite the great risk the baby ran of being born immediately after surgery or dying after the tumor was removed, she flipped all the statistics and was born twice.

Dr. Cass was already the instrument of another similar miracle in which he had to perform surgery on a girl before she was born. That girl is “7 years old and sings karaoke,” according to the same doctor.

Both girls are perfectly normal, except for the fact that they are a miracle and that they were born twice.


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