They Posted This Family Photo, Like You And I Do, Without Imagining That It Would Become Their Worst Nightmare; It Can Happen To You Too

They never imagined how the media would use that photo and the lies that would be unleashed after its publication … mother of 14 children with 14 different men?

A beautiful couple posted on their FaceBook a photo of themselves with her husband and newborn son to celebrate their little one’s first birthday. At the moment nothing extraordinary happened but after a year, something terrible happened.

A newspaper published his family photo giving false news about the family.

A friend of the woman showed her an article in a newspaper with the headline: “This woman from Detroit gave birth to her son number 14 and with 14 different parents” and the photo that accompanied this fake news was hers. None of that information was part of her reality.

Although at first she took it as a joke, things started to get complicated

“I was getting more and more notifications on Facebook. When people really start making comments about you, calling you ugly, fat, those were the comments that started to hurt a lot. There I started to break when I saw comments from 30 thousand people », commented the victim of this ‘mistake’? or ruthless action?

An unscrupulous reporter took the photo of Hana, the mother, and wrote a totally false story destroying her family life, reputation and self-esteem. Unfortunately, Bennet’s story is not the only one, and we must therefore exercise caution.

How did this happen?

Many of us publish photos with family or friends without much pretensions other than to share with our friends, however, experience also tells us that people, with I don’t know what in their minds, take photos, edit them to make fun and mock or even worse: to commit crimes.

What crimes are we talking about?

Identity Theft

One of the frequent crimes is impersonating a person. In the networks there is the phenomenon that someone takes your photo and your name asks for help, money or favors and disappoints your contacts.

Human trafficking

Through social networks, many predators look for their future victims, review your photos, see the places you frequent and then attack.

Use of image for sales, fraud, advertising, etc. of course, without your knowledge or consent

If you don’t do something for your own safety, don’t be surprised that in a few months you will see yourself selling medicine for corns or worse …

«Express kidnappings»

It is the type of crime where you make your family believe that you are kidnapped somewhere and until they deposit some money they “free you” when you were never in danger. Just download a photo of yourself, edit it and make others think the worst.

What can we do to make it happen to us?

There are some basic recommendations that we all can and should follow. For example:

Do not upload photos of small children or babies with little or no clothing

Photos of this type are frequently downloaded from pedophile sites. DO NOT make a catalog of your children’s children’s photos for perverts.

Avoid publishing your location and details of your family life, children, economy, etc.

Constantly publishing your walks, visits, purchases or trips can attract the attention of those who think you are rich and see in you an opportunity for kidnapping or blackmail.

Edit your photos before uploading them by placing a mark

Covering faces with emojis or making some collages.

Use watermarks to protect your photos

The watermark or watermark is a function that you can find in your image editor

Frequently review the privacy conditions of all your accounts

You know, not posting your photos and private information

Do not accept friend requests from “friends of your friends” or strangers

Because then “others” that you do not know at all, much less their contacts but they can see your publications.

Block the posts that others make on your wall

Do not allow and if possible remove unpleasant, violent, pornographic or violent publications and you do not open links, games, photos or unknown or morbid publications.

Don’t tag people

Doing so allows others to have access to your information and publications.

Your privacy is worth gold, do not give it away or make it available or opinion of others.

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