They Had A Daughter Together But Without Knowing Each Other; A Year Later What Destiny Had In Store For Them Surpasses The Best Love Movie

At 42 years old, alone and having lost her two children, she decided to be a mother with a complete stranger.

Aminah is a woman who has lived through several tragic moments in her life. Their first child died four months after being born. Her second son also passed away at 14 months, from a rare genetic disease. The cause of this disease was Aminah. Although her two children were from different parents after what happened, no relationship lasted.

The decision that would change your life

The Newsner site tells us that at 42, Aminah was single and without children. All her life she had dreamed of having children and she could not imagine a future without them, so she decided to make a big decision and get pregnant again. To achieve this, she decided to look for a sperm donor, to make her last attempt. In the end everything went well, and Aminah managed to give birth to a girl named Leila, who was born safe and sound.

Aminah Hart, from Australia, after being convinced by her mother, Helen, decided to give herself one last chance to track down her daughter’s sperm donor and biological father.

Through the use of an app, this mother discovered that Scott Anderson, the donor Aminah had so carefully selected, had included in his profile his permission to be contacted by the mother of the biological children who were born.

Aminah met him and a magical relationship emerged between the two

Within a very short time of meeting, Scott and Aminah became friends. After meeting on several occasions, the two made a confession that would change their lives.

“They both had feelings for each other”

She was relieved to be a mother, but sorry for not giving her daughter a father

Aminah said in an interview reported by the Daily Mail that after her daughter was born healthy and weighing 3.9 kilograms, she felt “relieved that she was able to become a mother, but did not feel well about the reality that her daughter would grow up without a father. , since she had experienced firsthand what it feels like to grow up without a dad.

But Anderson would change that fate, even when she didn’t even suspect it.

“He went to buy milk with Leila”, but came back with much more than that

According to Aminah’s account, Scott had gone out to buy milk with his daughter Leila, but he returned with the milk and an engagement ring with which he would seal his love for her and her beautiful family.

Twelve months later they vowed love

In a simple wedding and with the presence of their loved ones and friends, these two soulmates who had a daughter before meeting, became a family that is nothing more than the living testimony that love exists and that it comes when and where you least expect it.

Aminah commented how her little daughter, despite the close relationship she had with her father, she was still very attached to her mother. “Mom, you can’t get married,” Leyla told her mom. But with time and the wedding preparations, like most of us women, Leyla decided to share her mother with her father.

“I felt like I was at the beginning of something incredibly beautiful”

After so much tragedy in her life, having grown up without a father, having lost her two children and not having known true love, from where she least expected came what Aminah describes as the “beginning of something incredibly beautiful.”

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