These Are The Reasons Why You Always Fall In Love With The Wrong Man, According To Experts

When you know the reasons, you can apply these POWERFUL tips and take a positive and definitive turn, in order to find the true love of your life.

Why was I always wrong?

Why is it so hard to discover love?

«And it always hurts, but today I could understand that you always made this woman

immensely … sad », Thalia.

Often being attracted to men who are free, distant, problematic, outgoing, and unattainable, makes you feel wrong in your choice and you cannot understand why they attract you or why they simply stick to you; They come into your life and you suffer from them, because it turns out that many times, they seem to come without warning.

Let me tell you that through your faults you attract them, choose them, and even believe that you are destined to live suffering for their love.

Why are you always attracted to these men?

The mistake that is made is to instantly idealize the man you know because there you are creating an illusion, which only exists in you and as time passes and you see his shortcomings, the erroneous thought begins that you are going to change him, and return it as it is created in your head, as you invented it and painted it in your mind.

Frequently in girls’ talks, we hear the unfortunate story for the fifth time of that beautiful friend inside and out who feels the pain of having failed in the love relationship because the man chosen or with whom she fell madly in love was not the right one and He ended up abandoning her or saturating her to the point of having to break up with him.

The prestigious Covadonga Pérez Lozana, business and couples therapy coach, says:

“Pay attention to your own shadows because these are the ones we project onto the man or partner we accept, choose or with whom you fall in love.”

“Discover your dark side because there in the so-called mirror effect you are only seeing a reflection of your miseries, if you manage to discover and remove them, you will be able to wake up and that will be very good for you.”

He also affirms through research he came to the conclusion that «we look for in couples what we lack as children, what we need and did not have in childhood, therefore, if for example your house lacked money, men will attract you with money and / or of a good financial economic status.

Therefore, identifying with a partner is fine, but it is necessary for you to discover your shortcomings yourself in order to later be in a relationship without so many shadows.

Falling in love is related to the EGO, that is, we need to see in the other what we project, therefore what you are seeing is only your magic and after this infatuation passes, it is the moment where you really see the dark parts (or the that you didn’t want to see) of that person.

So stop being a victim

The truth is that you have to be the hero, so forgive yourself and surely the people who approach you will have the same vibration.

Waiting for the other to send you a message to make your day, or waiting for a call that makes you feel happy is very discouraging. Your emotional wounds will open wider and will be difficult to heal and / or overcome.

Stop idealizing, because you are automatically putting yourself below the other.

Dare to see yourself as you really are, that will help you overcome every darkness of your being by transforming it into light.

Dont wait…

Do not search…

I know…

And your world will be reflected.

You are a being, a divine expression and everything has already been given to you …

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