These Are The Hormones That Could Be Ruining Your Silhouette

Hormonal imbalances can cause excess weight. Experts explain how to regulate our own hormones

You diet all year, or you take too much care of yourself. You do not miss any gym class and you have even gone to the nutritionist to help you eat better and not gain weight. Even so, you can’t make your body look toned. If you wonder what is wrong, you can find the answer in the hormonal function of your body.

Saffron Whitehead is a professor of physiology at St. George’s Hospital in London, who explained to the Daily Mail that many times our body accumulates fat in specific places no matter how much exercise and diet we do. And he explains that some hormones are the ones that could be achieving such an imbalance that our body cannot eliminate fat from certain areas. ‘¬ĽOur metabolism is complex. There are many reasons why people have different body shapes, but hormones are the key, “he explained.

What are hormones

Hormones are molecules that are produced in the endocrine glands. According to the Hormone Health Organization, the main hormones in the human body are: estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, insulin, dopamine, melatonin, and thyroid hormones.

Hormones have a fundamental role in the body, because in addition to ensuring its growth and development, they fulfill other functions such as the activation or inhibition of enzymes, sexual reproduction, the use and storage of energy, body temperature, functioning of other glands, lowering blood sugar and regulating body weight.

Hormones and their effects on the silhouette

Lifestyle, diet and genetics play a fundamental role in the shape of our body and its tone. And although experts assure that hormones are also responsible for the shape of our silhouette, they warn that by regulating the levels of the different types of hormones we can achieve the body we want.

Some hormones are to blame for a flabby stomach, or overly plump buttocks, or thick ankles. Check out what the professionals say about hormones and their effects and how to regulate them for a leaner figure.

Flabby stomach: cortisol

Cortisol is known as the “stress” hormone, as it triggers the release of energy when a “fight or flight” situation occurs. In today’s world, people are constantly under stress, and cortisol releases energy in the form of fat and glucose, which is normally deposited in the stomach.

What can be done to reduce the effect of this hormone is to do activities that tend to relax us at the end of a stressful day. Meditation, yoga, or going for a walk can help a lot. But in addition, diet plays a fundamental role with respect to this hormone, since if we eat small amounts but more often, we will prevent cortisol from releasing too much glucose into the blood.

Fat in the thighs and butt: estrogen

Too much estrogen in the body can cause the accumulation of fat in the thigh and lower part of the body. And it feeds back, because those cells generate even more estrogen, which continues to generate more fat. For example, experts warn against alcohol consumption, as drinking alcoholic beverages can prevent the liver from removing estrogen from the blood.

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Experts recommend consuming vegetables like broccoli, the nutrients of which have liver enzymes that can combat estrogen build-up. They also recommend avoiding or cutting out processed meats and coffee.

Thick ankles: Progesterone

When a person has swollen or thick ankles, it is said that they have fluid accumulation, and this may be due to the lack of the hormone progesterone, since it acts as a diuretic, eliminating fluids from the body. At the same time, a lack of progesterone, in addition to swelling the ankles, can cause fat to accumulate on the thighs.

Puffy or plump face: thyroxine

A puffy or plump face, as well as a flabby neck, could be due to an imbalance in thyroxine, a hormone produced by the thyroid gland. A malfunctioning, or slow, functioning thyroid slows down metabolism, which can cause bloating or the disorder known as goiter.

In addition to consulting an endocrinologist to check the level of thyroid hormones and see if medication is needed, doctors recommend taking selenium supplements, which help to better assimilate thyroxine in the body.

Back rolls: growth hormone

The large amount of fat that you feel on the back of your body, precisely on your back, when you fasten the bra, may be due not only to an imbalance in diet or lack of exercise, but also to the malfunction of the growth gland human. The pituitary gland releases human growth hormone, which stimulates fat cells to release energy and repair tissues in the body. But when there is a low level of this hormone, fat cells do not receive the message to be converted into energy. Specialists warn that adults who lack growth hormone tend to have a high level of body fat around the trunk, especially in the back .

Foods rich in melatonin, such as raspberries, or foods rich in amino acids, such as yogurt, can increase the secretion of growth hormone in large proportions.

In addition to a balanced diet and exercises, do not forget to consult your doctor to check your level of hormones and thus achieve better health and a beautiful figure.

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