There Are No Excuses! Stay In Touch With The Ones You Love The Most!

5 ways technology brings you closer to loved ones who live far away

When I went to study for a degree in special education, I encountered several conflicts, especially in the social area. Most of my friends, whom I held dear, had gone out of town to attend college and were hundreds of miles away, so I thought I would lose touch with them and eventually , that would weaken our friendship. I was very worried for several weeks, until I remembered that in my family we had several long-distance relationships with relatives who lived on the other side of the sea and that how far they were did not prevent them from being an active part of our life.

At that time, I had few means by which to communicate economically and effectively with them, since smartphones were not that common, the speed of the Internet left much to be desired, and long distance telephone rates were quite high. However, we managed to stay in touch until today, having overcome all the obstacles that were presented to us. Thanks to this, I can say that I discovered that our friendship is true and very solid.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, where you have family members who live far away from you, take advantage of technological advances to get closer and have contact with them very often! Now it is very easy, below I present five tools or applications of technology available to almost everyone in the world:


A classic of international communication that has been used for many years as the primary means of contact with distant relatives, but is now available for much less expensive rates. If you don’t have a phone at home, look for a public one or an international booth where you will surely find something according to your budget. Check if there are days when they charge less or if there is the opportunity to speak with several friends at the same time in a single call.

Text messages

Messages are still one of the cheapest ways to communicate with your loved ones, they only need a simple cell phone or smartphone . From SMS to whatsapp, any form of instant messaging will help you stay up to date and share your special moments with those you miss so much.


Replacing regular mail in speed of delivery, email can become very convenient and works to quickly deliver letters to their recipient. We simply need a computer with internet access. If we do not have one at home, we can rent one in one of the computer rental establishments with Internet for times.

Video calls and chat

Applications like Skype or Google Hangouts allow us to see our friends in real time even if they are far away. It is what is most similar to face-to-face contact and is widely used today: you can have a conversation, show photos and even record video of what they are saying to share with other friends. You simply need a smartphone or a computer with Internet access.

Social networks

The famous social networks group much of the first four points. Twitter and Facebook are the most common, where you can share photos, files, chat or make video calls with several friends at the same time from the same platform. It has undoubtedly become one of the favorite ways to contact those friends or family who have not seen each other for a long time.

Have you used any of the tech tools I mentioned? Undoubtedly, today there is no excuse to lose contact with our loved ones and continue forging long-distance family or friendship relationships taking advantage of today’s technological advances.

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