There Are 6 Ways To Love. What Is Yours?

Psychologists have discovered 6 ways to love, what is yours? Get to know her below

It is said that each person has a different way of loving, and to understand how the different mechanisms that we develop throughout life work, it is that Jhon Alan Lee, a renowned Canadian psychologist, developed the »Theory of styles of love ”and states that there are 6 different ways of seeing or living this feeling, according to the portal


It is mainly composed of passion, physical and mental attraction. It is the one that explains that those loves exist at first sight, because despite not knowing the other, one is attracted by their physical appearance.

Its main characteristics are:

  • People who are not possessive of the other, as they are open to being attracted to someone.

  • Strong physical attraction, intense and immediate.


They are those people who constantly seek how to have fun with their partner, but at the first moment they begin to feel that monotony has appeared, then they end the relationship and run desperately to seek new adventures.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Emotionally immature people

  • Strong fear of commitment

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It is one that is based on romanticism, durability and family projection. There is no inclination to the physical, but rather to the emotional. It requires commitment and loyalty.

This type of way of loving occurs between family, friends and in those people who usually maintain stable and lasting romantic relationships.

Its main characteristics are:

  • They believe that love and friendship are a complement, therefore they must go hand in hand.

  • They are people who seek to establish and / or project themselves in a relationship.

Eros + Ludus = Mania

It is precisely that type of relationship that everyone talks about, because it is based on the obsession between both parties to be together. It becomes a constant need to love the other, but also a reason to escape the fear that loving the other can cause.

Ludus + Storge = Pragma

They are those who seek to maintain a romantic relationship with someone who has a socioeconomic level similar to theirs, the same type of beliefs, values ​​and interests.

And although they may seem very cold people, in reality they are so rational, that they see how to maintain an even standard of living, without too many changes that may affect what they are used to living.

Eros + Storge = Agape

It’s that kind of altruistic love that romantic books talk about so much. They are those people who tend to love without prejudice and accept their partners as they are.

Although they usually demand dedication, quality time and respect from their partner in return.

Now we must clarify that these ways of loving can change throughout life, depending on the types of experience and levels of maturation that people have. So surely if you found your perfect definition today, you should be aware that in a couple of years, it can be the opposite of what you live.

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