Their 3 Children Died In An Accident, A Year Later Life Surprises Them With A Miracle

Their 3 small children died in a traffic accident, but a year later life surprises them with a miracle that restores the desire to continue living.

“Even after living the harshest winter, spring always comes” is a phrase that I read circulating on the internet a few years ago and that refers to the fact that even after experiencing the deepest pains that life can give us, at some point time acts as a balm that is capable of calming to a certain extent the burning we feel in our chest every time we have to suffer. This is the case of an American family, who never thought that such a great misfortune would befall them.

It all happened when Young Kyle was celebrating his 5th birthday with his mother and grandmother, at an amusement park, along with his sisters Emma, ​​4, and Katie, 2, respectively. That day, everything turned out to be laughter and pleasant moments of family bonding, so they waited until the last moment to return home. Once inside the family van, they found a block (traffic jam) so big that they thought that the return would be very long, but still nothing could overshadow the beautiful day they had had and everything continued to be laughter, Lori, the mother,. She even decided to turn from her seat to tickle her daughters, when suddenly a loud noise rammed the place.

The pain made them think about taking their own lives

A runaway platform collided with the family’s car, leaving the 3 children seriously injured. The emergency services did not take long to arrive at the scene to be able to carry out resuscitation maneuvers.

readIn a few days after her husband died, she also passed away leaving her newborn twins

Once at the hospital, Lori called her husband, who arrived at the hospital in a few minutes to hear the most devastating news any parent can hear: 2 of their children had died. The blow was very hard for both, however, they decided to stand up to fight for Kyle, who was holding on to life. But hours later the doctors had to tell them that their son had to be disconnected from the mechanical ventilator and all the other devices that kept her alive, since the injuries she had suffered were so great that she would not survive. Both parents walked into the hospital room and held her hands until Kyle’s little heart stopped beating.

The months after the funeral of their 3 little ones were a direct trip to hell, both believed that the only solution was suicide, because there was nothing to tie them to the earth, even when the children in their neighborhood had celebrations such as Halloween, they they decided to leave the house, so they would not have to listen to their voices and have even more painful memories in their minds. Surely depression was taking hold of them.

Life and its mysterious ways gave them more than they bargained for

But hope came 3 months later, when they both decided to undergo in vitro fertilization treatment to become parents again. Knowing that they only wanted to have 1 more child. But life and its mysterious ways surprised them again; they became parents to 3 babies: 2 girls and 1 boy. The curious? This happened just one year after the fatal accident that took their 3 oldest children from them.

And although today they have returned to fight to be happy with their little family, they are clear that nothing in the world will be able to replace Kyle, Emma and Katie and their siblings know perfectly well that they have 3 older brothers whom they can visit in the cemetery. and look at family photo albums that house your memories.

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