The World Health Organization Declared The Single Woman A Disability, Yes You Read That Correctly (we Tell You Why)

Among those who argue between the terms of disability and special capabilities, we tell you that the UN declared singleness as a disability.

Although this disability will not qualify them to receive special government assistance or wages without working, it does come with some advantages, at least for some.

We tell you the full story

It all starts with the ability to procreate as a couple (obviously), before we could conceive in a laboratory, things were much simpler and we just followed the course of nature. This ended when it was determined that the inability to have children, that is, infertility, is politically considered a disability.

The big change

Whereas before, you could only be considered infertile if you were diagnosed by a doctor or if you had actively tried to conceive without success for at least two years with the same partner, now something else helps you achieve this disability.

To have a baby you need an egg (female) and a sperm (male)

If you are single / or you lack one of the two parts and the WHO thought of a solution, turn singleness into a disability.

We explain the rules

Your inability to not be able to find a person or a partner with whom you would like to share your life and have children, someone with whom you would like to be intimate to try to conceive makes you infertile and incapacitated.

Who does it favor?

Politically speaking, this is considered a big step for IVF. In this way, the WHO gives everyone the possibility of being able to conceive a child protected by this presumed incapacity based on the inability to conceive due to being single.

If we talk about health insurance and what it does and does not cover, this would be an advance in favor of people who want to become parents, but who unfortunately have not been able to find whom. Based on this alleged incapacity, they would be treated as patients, with the same rights as those who do have a real infertility diagnosis.

How does this affect the family?

Without looking for much information about it, with the general knowledge that accompanies me and with my personal experience of having grown up without a father, I think that this greatly damages the family or the structure of it.

I was born to the best mother in the world, and I never lacked anything, but there is something inside of us, something greater than explanations, logics, the needs of some human beings to be parents in non-traditional ways, who do not understand them, it does not support them and that it seeks that simple but containing structure; seek what we know as family.

Although about love and money, the family is missing

Without a doubt, there are circumstances beyond which we cannot control that can make a person unable to enjoy a traditional family, and one adjusts and survives, but it is definitely not something one would choose.

Look for love, don’t choose disability and form a family

I never knew what it was like to have a father, so it’s not about how I can compare the time I had and the time I didn’t. But, I just always knew that something was missing, that my life was not complete and that I would have done anything to have him and my mother. To be able to see that my mother had someone who would always love her and protect her.

If you have the opportunity, be fully happy, do not choose what may be simpler for you, but not for that child that you are going to bring.

*** Editor’s note: This disability does not apply to benefits to get special places to park.

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