The Strength Of A Mother

Anyone with the title of mother deserves abundant respect. These are just a few reasons why.

In this world there are contradictory ideas about the person who gave us life: our mother. On the one hand we are told that we are magnificent and that what we do matters, but on the other hand the woman who stays at home is denigrated and we have the idea that she does nothing. These two ideas cannot coexist since one contradicts the other. It is time for us to support all the moms in the world by speaking the truth, in saying what a mother really is and not feeling satisfied until the world gives us the respect that, as mothers, we have well deserved.

Now, it will seem that I want mothers to have a huge ego, but this is not the case. The reality is that being a mother is difficult, and if we do not have the necessary support, this role becomes a task for titans. It is my hope that by speaking the truth, harmful ideas about motherhood will begin to be overcome and that we will learn to respect all women who have the title of mother. Here is what I consider to be the truth, what a mom really is and what she does every day. I’m sure that if when you read me you are looking for an example in your mind, when you finish reading you will call your mother to thank her for everything she has done for you. A mom is:

1. Perpetual teacher

No matter how old the children are or the time of day, as a mother we are always teaching. We teach everything from the most basic things like eating and going to the bathroom to more complicated aspects like believing in yourself, being honest and responsible. Being the perpetual teacher of our children is not just anything. This work requires a lot of patience and dedication.

2. The most experienced psychologist

No matter what the problem is, the mother is always there to listen and offer advice, since the reality is that our children wait for those words that will make all the pain go away. But even with our infinite attributes, there are times when we can’t do anything but let them cry on our shoulders. It is all this that makes us the best psychologist, the expert on our family and its emotional well-being.

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3. The first to get up and the last to sleep

It is not an exaggeration to say that the mother gets up early to take care of her home, especially when she works: she takes care to leave everything ready before leaving the house. And, if she works all day, she will go to bed long after her children or her husband. We could lie and say that we sleep excellent as mothers, but the reality is that since we have our first baby, our brain is on alert, and the simplest sound that our children make, wakes us up to make sure that they are well.

4. The warrior of the home

There is no doubt that mother fights all battles and all wars. Of course, I’m not saying that she does it alone: ​​usually the father is there too. But that the mother is always present, that is not disputed. If there is a sick child, the mother takes care of her and takes her to the doctor, if there is a problem at school, the mother goes to the meeting to solve it, if there are emotional problems or others, it is the mother who takes them to their therapies. The mother constantly fights for the welfare of her family.

The strength of a mother cannot be calculated or measured, as it is powerful, infinite and abundant.

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