The Story Of How Arab Bread Changed My Life

Today most of humanity is indifferent to the needs of others. Here I tell you a story that can give more flavor and meaning to your life.

I’m sure you have a problem right now. What’s more, I’m almost sure that you would like someone to come help you. In fact, we all go through physical, financial, or emotional needs or problems. And, although there are many people and organizations that try to minimize such problems, there is also a large part of humanity indifferent to these alien needs.

What’s more, most people are relieved that they don’t feel directly responsible for resolving these situations. Although there is also the other part, who has the intention of wanting to help and contribute in some way, but who is out of hand to do so, either due to lack of resources or time.

And the Arabic bread? You may ask. I already tell you about him. One day I went to a grocery store in a shopping center. When going to cancel (pay), there was a lady before me. She had only one Arabic bread, but she had to leave it in the box because she needed 20 bolivars to carry it. For a moment I thought about giving them to him, but didn’t. After I left there I kept thinking about why I never gave them to her, if I had how to do it. The truth is that the rest of the afternoon, I spent it meditating on it and feeling bad for not having helped that woman to bring her bread.

Since then I decided to make a difference in my life, with small acts of kindness. Perhaps you cannot make large donations in a home, community or foundation, but like me, I am sure that you will be able to help many of those around you, without much effort. I will leave you some simple ideas that you can apply:

1. Pay something to those who need it most

It can be a ticket to a stranger, breakfast in a cafeteria to the one who sat next to you, and so on. It is a way of showing generosity and gratitude towards life, with those around you. You don’t know if maybe one of those people was starving, or had a hard time completing to pay for the ticket.

2. Grant one free consultation per month

If you are a doctor in any of its denominations, you can choose a patient a month to whom to give the consultation. Taking into account the patient’s condition and need. You will surely surprise him with such a thoughtful gesture. You don’t know if maybe that person stopped buying their food, to have a way to pay for the consultation.

3. Give away a basic product

Here in Venezuela, and throughout Latin America, we live in times when many things are difficult to achieve. Having this kind of sensitivity for the needs of others is a good act of mercy and love for those who need it most. Anyone will thank you.

Thanks to that woman who could not buy Arabic bread, I discovered that life makes sense when we help others. I understood that not only did I come to this world to be born, to reproduce and to die, but there is much more to do than that. Today, you too can decide to apply this formula in your life and leave an indelible mark here on earth, making a difference in an indifferent world. You can not only do it with material things: a smile, a hug, a word, a prayer are enough to change a person’s day and fill it with light. Give to others, of how much God gives to you. In relation to this topic, I invite you to read the following articles.

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