The Sign Of Our Century: Being The Father (and Victim) Of Adolescent Children

Humanity changes in each generation. Can you imagine what the world will be like when today’s young people are grandparents?

Diana Solórzano, host of the radio program Lugar common, tells us the following experience:

I saw fit to go to a mall and apparently it’s a great place to shop with your kids. Of course I was on the side of the poor parents and it made me want to yell at several of those pedantic children. I felt the same as an aunt who said that, she didn’t know why, every time she saw children on the street she wanted to hit them.


I saw a poor man trying to buy one for his son, the boy looked like they were taking him to jail, he couldn’t be more serious and more foolish. To each question he answered with a “mmmm” … or a “mmmjjjmmm”, and of course two or three: “I hate that color”, “that’s the plan I don’t want”, “what does it cost you to buy the new iPhone? » “Mine no longer works”, and the man giving endless explanations, well, he ended up telling him how much he earned and why he could not have this or that plan. Ah, not even like that! The young man told him to change jobs or to work more. Insensitive, bloody and with a face that would never please him.

Women’s clothing store

A poor lady pointed to some pants or blouse and immediately afterwards the daughter would say to her: “If you already know that I hate everything you like, why do you keep showing me clothes?”, “Well”, said the poor mother, ” is that it was made me that it would be very nice “, and the hateful:” you know that I hate my body, and also that clothes do not look good on anyone, so that you will not buy them even for yourself, eh ? »… and the mother fell again in a resigned silence. To another, they said: “You wait for me outside and I’ll tell you to go pay at the cashier.”

Ah, because to pay if we are the parents. How not! Once you decide to go to a square, you have to bring money, because they are relentless and determined. On the one hand, we feel sorry for them, and on the other, there is no way to please them.

Fast food section

I went through the fast food part, there I had another lot of «conversations» to which more than edifying: «Mom, if you want to sit at another table, I’m going to chat», «at once I tell you that I do not like the food from here ”,“ why do you always want me to eat healthy ?, leave me, it’s my life ”, and thousands more, which I don’t put because you who are parents already know it, right? And what really creeps in is that the same person who gives us a fuchi face to everything we can say or comment, as soon as he sees who it is, other than the close family, smiles like one has never seen them smile, educated, friendly and talkative.

But I was scared. Because the truth is that we are afraid of them. Today’s young people are assertive, confident and have a very short fuse, so good luck to those who are going through this stage with their children …

So far Diana Solórzano. Now let me give my point of view.

Stages and eras

I agree with Diana that this is a stage, yes, but I think it is also more than that. In other words, all of us live “the age of the sting”, but in my adolescence (Yes, I know I sound old, and it is because I already am) it was very different to live adolescence: we knew limits. We knew we didn’t have the upper hand: there was no one to command their parents. So we are talking about a stage in their life, yes, but it is also a time in the history of civilization.

Not long ago I saw two versions of the same movie. The second is a remake of the first: The Day The Earth Stood Still . In Spanish, Ultimatum a la tierra (2008, based on a 1951 film). The second is located at a time when we are running out of the planet’s natural resources. The first, in the midst of terror in the cold war. And both films are very serious, very well done, extraordinarily well thought out.

But it struck me to see the second part after having seen the first, especially because of the character of the child, if I understood both films correctly. In the first version, humanity can be destroyed by the arms race; It is a call to take away absolute power from governments and put aside the terrible Cold War; in this first version the character of the child represents purity: the future, what must be saved in humanity.

See the youth, and in it you will see the future of the planet

In the second version, it is not the governments: we are humanity who are destroying the planet, but here the character of the child is a symbol of all the evils of humanity in our century. Every time the child appears on the screen, he shows us a defect of this generation of young people. I list them for you in case you watch the movie, along with links to different articles that can help you deal with this issue in your children: pride, despotism, self-centeredness, indolence, violence, frivolity, selfishness, disobedience, arrogance, intolerance, disloyalty, cowardice , weakness, constant dissatisfaction, lack of resilience…

It is terrible that every time the child appears we do not see a parody or a cartoon: we see the unpleasant young people that Diana describes to us above; we witness how aberrant today’s society has become, because finally the child that Jaden Smith personifies is that: he is the fruit of a humanity that is continually glued to a screen and that has forgotten how to live on the planet and coexist in society.

Of course, the message that the tape gives us is the urgent need to change the course of society and the way we are raising our children: “We are on the brink of destruction, but until we are at the limit, the people are not forced to change. Only on the precipice do we evolve … »

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