The Road To Diabetes In 3 Steps

Although age, ethnicity, and heredity increase risk, make no mistake, it is our actions that have made diabetes the epidemic of the 21st century.

Taking into account that human beings, from time immemorial, have longed for the secret of eternal life, it is contradictory that we do so little to take care of our lives. Otherwise, how to explain the exorbitant number of 422 million diabetics in the world? Diabetes is a disease that, according to data from the World Health Organization, caused three and a half million deaths in 2012 alone.

Its main cause is being overweight, but even knowing it, we tell ourselves that life is too short to limit what we like to eat. And what we don’t quite understand is that by acting like this we shorten it even more. A few days ago, on my way home, I had to see a little girl crying because she was thirsty, and for every time she asked for water, her mother replied: “Yes, my love, right now I’ll buy you a juice.” The impact is counted alone. I share the anecdote because it explains one of the roots of the problem.

The causes of the disease are not unknown to us, so more than saying something you don’t know, what I want with this article is for you to tell yourself if you belong to that group that, with their actions, is going to become diabetic . Because while age, ethnicity, and heredity increase risk, make no mistake, it is our actions that have made diabetes the epidemic of the 21st century.

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Three steps make the short road to diabetes

1. Let the stomach grow without limits

In itself, being overweight is a great risk factor, but the accumulated fat around the belly is the worst, since not only is it the cause of this disease, but of some types of cancer. The flat stomach not only looks good, it does us good. How are you in that area?

Relee: Get up and walk!

2. Eat a diet rich in processed foods

Be careful, it’s not that you don’t eat, but that you have control over what you eat. A healthy diet is not one that counts calories or limits itself, it is one that is inclusive and without excesses. So important is diet that it can even reverse the disease in some cases and control it in all.

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3. Be sedentary

The important thing about exercise in diabetes is that by increasing the pulse and respiration we release hormones that regulate insulin and help to oxidize ingested fat, preventing it from being deposited. Hence, being sedentary is a luxury that diabetics should not give themselves, and those who are not, not if they do not want to take health risks.

Diabetes is the inability of our body to produce glucose effectively, which causes sugar to stay in the blood instead of being converted into energy. This disease costs the world between 5 and 10 percent of the resources allocated to health, and in Mexico, a patient spends a minimum of 1,000 pesos a month. But beyond the economic, the truly transcendental is that it can cost you your life.

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