The Race Of Being Mothers

Few people consider the work of being a mother a career; However, it is not only a career, but a job that impacts generations, there is no more difficult or influential job.

I remember that awkward conversation where I was asked if I had already returned to work — bear in mind that my little boy was barely two months old. I told them that I had not returned to work because I had the determination to breastfeed my baby and he refused to take a bottle; then with a “smile” came the second question: “But, if you plan to return to work, no?” I cannot deny that what I wanted the most within me was to get away from that woman. I felt ashamed, angry, and with a sense of guilt; I thought: Is being a mother not a job, or is she assuming that I don’t do anything during the day?I took a deep breath and told him that in time I would return, but only two days a week, as my most important responsibility was my son. The conversation ended there, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her, since it wasn’t the first time she asked me if I was going to go back to work; now with more experience and confidence I can affirm that being a mother is a job and a much more important one than I can do in my office.

As I have told several people, it is much easier to see patients all day than to be a mother; Therefore, no answer to the question that what we do should be said with more pride than: I am a mother. As attorney D. Todd Christofferson so eloquently put it: “Some feminist intellectuals view the science of the home with outright contempt, arguing that it degrades women and that the relentless demands to raise children are a form of exploitation. They ridicule women who choose to stay home to raise their children. That is not fair, nor is it correct ”. I can say that although it has been subtle, I have felt judged in deciding to pursue a career as a mother instead of expanding my career as a therapist. Christofferson continues: “We do not diminish the value [that] women achieve in any worthy company or career… but we still recognize that there is nothing that is of more benefit than motherhood… There is no higher office, and no amount of money, authority. or public praise exceeds the ultimate rewards of the family. ” His statement echoes my own feeling about it: while many people can care for my patients, my little one only has one mother.

There is no doubt that being a mother is a career, and one that requires all your energy, intelligence, motivation, patience, and determination. It is time that as women we do not devalue what we do within the walls of our home, but rather express it with pride and do not give explanations or justifications for our decision to be mothers. Here are some suggestions to defend such a beautiful race.

Express with pride what you do

Don’t be intimidated by those who have careers outside the home. I can guarantee you that none requires everything that a person is, as it is to be a mother; Express it with pride and feel free to share this message with other mothers.

Get rid of those thoughts that degrade your craft

Sometimes we ourselves degrade what we do during the day, thinking that it is not enough or important; The work of raising children is so important that the very quality of society depends on our efforts, I consider that as evidence of the utmost importance of our work.

Pass this message on to your children

Never stop explaining to your children, whether they are boys or girls, the importance of being a mother, because it is this message that will be transmitted to generations to come.

Our efforts as mothers are worthy of being considered a career, as we have to continually improve and learn. We do this without monetary payment, because our payment is much higher: multiple kisses, hugs and caresses; to see our little ones grow up, to see them one day become a good man and a good woman worthy of carrying our legacy to the next generations. Well, as D. Todd Christofferson affirmed: “The mother exerts an influence that no other person or relationship can equal,” such a role we have, and that is a cause of pride, fulfillment and happiness.

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