The Pleasure Of Looking Like My Mother

The best thing your mother could inherit from you is her example.

For me as for any woman who has had a good mother, hers is the best in the world; and I agree to all of them.

I admire my mother; She had such a complex life that I really don’t know how she can keep up. I might not be able to overcome even half of the things she went through.

However, when I recall the many things that we live, I must admit that I miss that strong woman. Of course, the years take a toll on health, and it is impossible not to be afraid of one day simply waking up and not having her by my side anymore.

Of course, there are also aspects of me momI really don’t like them, and she knows it. For example, she has a strange humor that I can’t quite understand, and that generates a lot of discussion. She insists that she cannot learn – for example – to put a different station on the minicomponent; however, she makes beauties in crochet or macramé following strange patterns that I don’t even understand.

Another thing that I insist a lot on you to make an effort not to complain so much; even by not worrying about things that are weeks or months away from happening, but do not change. I adore him, but I really know his life would be so much better if he didn’t have so much self-imposed stress on him.

To tell the truth, I love her with all her flaws and difficulties. I love the ability she has to feel compassion, to comfort us in difficult times, to sacrifice for us even if it is not necessary, and to strive for the welfare of her family, sometimes even beyond her strength.

You look like your mother?

When we are teenagers, the least we want is to look like our parents. This is because we become their worst critics. We see in each order an imposition that we do not wish to comply with; We also began to see their failures, and to these we not only overreacted, but we challenged them as if we knew more than they did.

The above happens to all of us, and it is normal to some extent. Despite that, when maturity comes to us, we realize how right they were and that they only wanted to save us pain.

The reality is that “we are children of our parents.” This means that because of their example and being raised by them, we learn their values ​​and adopt many of their educational behaviors. We ended up applying them with our children.

Of course, we also learn to know which ones to apply or not with our children, and surely there are also parenting vices that you will not repeat because they hurt you. But yes, despite our inner adolescent, we end up looking like our mother even in her least flattering aspects.

Similarities transcend to a higher level

In effect, the similarities do not stop at what is learned and applied. Over the years we realize that what we assimilate from our mothers is beyond imagination. Some aspects can be:

-Attitude to life

-Diverse tastes

-Customs and traditions

-Physical appearance

And I repeat, how not to end up looking like mom when you live half your life with her, when she takes care of your children, and even though you are an adult, she also takes care of you.

Worthy daughter of my mother

With this I’m just going to give you an example.

Just yesterday we went to a nursery. The three of us (my mother, my sister and I) love flowers, so we went to buy some. We were looking and choosing among so many beautiful ones, when my mother began to remember how my grandmother adored and cared for her plants.

At home we began to transplant them, and I remember him saying: “Come on mija, not like this, do it this way … yes, like this.” Teachings of my mother. Honestly, I was very moved because it has been 22 years since my grandmother died and every day she finds a way to apply and remember her and the way she did many things.

Now, if we talk about the physical resemblance between her and me, it is not much; the truth is that I tend to be more like my father, but in character we can be a carbon copy. Another thing in which we are alike is in the way we face difficulties and in our strong and determined character; These two aspects help us to cope with the harsh events of life.

I also inherited my premature gray hair from my mother, I have had them since I was 17 and I wear them with great pride. The reality is that I like to look like her, it is a way of prolonging her existence after she is no longer accompanying me.

Happy to be my mother’s daughter

I’m sure it happens to you like me, that you are happy to be similar to your mom. And it is that this fact should be carried with pride because you had the best example of life, responsibility, courage and bravery that a woman can receive.

I only hope that if you have female daughters, they in their time will also feel happy to have had you in their life, to look like you even in your most difficult days. Ultimately, life is made of those memories and experiences.

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