The Most Romantic Proposal In The World Captures The Attention And Tears Of Emotion Of Millions

From silver to diamond in seconds, this gorgeous Olympic swimmer conquers the world as an athlete and the man in her life as a woman.

An Olympiad full of love, controversy and stories, which until now existed only in fairy tales, renew the hopes for all of us that humanity is still human.

He Zi, a swimmer representing China, received the shock of her life when her boyfriend Qin Kai ran while she had just received his silver medal to propose to her, kneeling down and capturing the reactions of support, excitement and joy from the whole world.

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Her boyfriend, Qin, won a bronze medal a week ago. As reported by Reuters, Zi said she “did not expect him to propose to her that day.” “I saw him that afternoon as if he was memorizing something, and I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was singing,” Zi recounted in an interview.

There, when terrorist events, domestic violence, poverty and the bad decisions of some make us see everything gray and lose hope, stories like these renew our faith in love and family.

A Chinese Olympian received the surprise of a lifetime when her boyfriend, who also competed during the Rio Games, popped the question during her medal ceremony. He Zi settled for silver in the women’s 3-meter springboard on Sunday before accepting an even bigger prize: an engagement ring from her boyfriend and fellow diver Qin Kai, who surprised her with a marriage proposal as she stepped off the medal podium. A serious-looking Qin got down on bended knee and appeared to speak at length to He before opening a small box. Qin took out the ring and after she solemnly nodded yes, Qin slipped it on her finger. # Rio2016 #OlympicGames #Olympics #HeZi #QinKai #Engagement #Love #GuardianSports #TheGuardianNg

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