The Most Common Faces Of The Most Dangerous People

Just as in the animal kingdom predators have techniques to confuse their prey, something quite similar happens in human societies. Teach your children to be wary of the good intentions of these people.

As parents we are always aware of everything that can constitute a threat to our children. Since we were little we tell them over and over again what we do not want them to do so that they do not get hurt, and although we know that we cannot always cover the vast world of dangers they face, we do not stop trying, we even try to keep up to date about it.

Be they diseases, behaviors, circumstances or people, little or nothing escapes the parental eye, although many times it is truly difficult to cover everything. Sometimes nothing is as obvious as that fire burns or water gets wet, it usually happens that the danger is in front of us but the difficult thing is to discover where, especially when it is hidden behind the faces of those who at first glance seem like ordinary people.

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Just as in the animal kingdom predators have techniques to confuse their prey, something similar happens in human societies. The way to stay safe is to teach us to have healthy relationships, based on respect, trust, knowledge and mutual help, since they feed on the lack of experience, affection or trust of their victims. Knowing how they work is essential, which is why I share the most common masks that these wolves use to look like sheep.

Five types of people you and your kids should watch out for

The phony

As their name says, they are people who appear to be something that they definitely are not, for example being your friend, your partner, or a person who seeks your good, but who do not really deserve your trust. You must teach your children and also learn yourself, to recognize when someone is authentic or when they are only appearances.

The provider

These types of people approach those who are especially economically vulnerable, their main victims are single women, or young people eager to achieve things that are impossible for them on their own. As parents it is important to be attentive to these details.

The one who promises

Many times the mere possibility is something that tempts us and makes us do or accept things that we should not in order to aspire to that. It can be a job, a lifestyle, some benefit of any other kind, and this is something that these predators know very well, that’s why they use it, because although they never comply, being excited is enough to get away with it.

The benefactor

These types of characters, unlike the previous one, if they come to fulfill some of their offers, but they do not do it for good, but because that puts us in debt to them, and it is precisely what they are looking for, that you feel that it is better to please them to that the benefits do not end.

The executioner

Intimidation, bulling, physical violence is the favorite method of these beings whose real face is cruelty, although it is rarely presented in this way at the beginning, but it is a process that sometimes implies that it goes through all the other facets described before discovering their true identity.

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Educating your children to be independent, confident, capable and committed to themselves is the best way to keep them away from these dangerous characters who can turn their lives into a true horror story. Sometimes it is almost impossible to identify them, but with them not being able to see in us the qualities they look for in their victims is also a good way to keep us safe.

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