The Man Who Melts Your Heart Knows How To Do This Very Well

The man who understands this is the one who understands the feminine essence.

I look at my daughter, who is a successful businesswoman at only 29 years old, with two beautiful children, and I wonder, How could her husband surprise her to such an extent that he melts her with love, if everything she wants is obtained by herself same? The capacity for wonder is disappearing as technology advances.

Could it be that the traditional bouquet of flowers, chocolates, a good perfume still work? What do women expect from men today? Is there something new or different that will act magically to melt your heart?

Luckily science always has an answer and helps us better understand human behavior.

Female identity

An article published by Phipsychology,, explains important aspects regarding the development of female identity, a concept that interests us in order to better understand what we are made of. The article explains that women, for better psychological development, need to meet their emotional, intellectual and character needs, and in this way the woman feels that she is “magazine of her dignity and honor.”

Once clothed with her dignity and honor, the article continues, the woman will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

-Separate the idea of ​​the “image of a woman” created by the media, to be accepted as it is.

-Recognize the feminine force and apply it to your own happiness.

-Know your emotions, and master them for your self-control.

-Getting out of the role of a weak woman, removing fears and insecurities in favor of her own personal image.

-Live a life of your own outside of judgments and criticism, to be one in itself.

-Understanding of man and his needs, to receive the same from him.

-Learn and develop the female intellect, not only academically but also in its relationship with the world in which it lives.

The list

Luckily after the analysis about female psychological development, I understand that every woman needs to achieve her emotional, intellectual and character potential, and not just things. So it occurred to me to create a list of habits that men can do to melt the heart of any woman.

The “detail” proves that it was heard

The last time I went out on a date, and it was recently, when we met at the restaurant, the gentleman gave me a simple but interesting present. It was a cup for my herbal tea. I was very surprised, because anyone who knows me knows that I love cups.

When asked how she found out, she told me that every time we spoke, I mentioned that I was having herbal tea. Of course it melted me, and caused that feeling of inexplicable joy. Was it the cup? Of course not; is that I was listened carefully.

Women always express our needs through conversation, comment or text, the man who is attentive and listens to his wife will know what he needs.

According to an article published in the magazine Psychology and Behavior,the process of listening involves a series of various actions on the part of the listener; respect, show of willingness to help, trust in the other person, and willingness to forgive, if applicable. So reaching out and surprising your wife with a detail, which shows that you listen to her, will certainly melt her heart.

Accomplice of your dreams

The woman, in addition to being a mother, wife, housewife, or professional, has dreams. Dreams that he was putting aside to fulfill his responsibilities. Thinking back to my daughter, I concluded that if her husband gave her drama classes, she would faint in front of him. It is that during his youth, he participated in many plays at school; He also created his own group of theater children in the city where he lived, and of course, all this was being forgotten. I remember going to see her in one of her presentations to compete at the state level, she performed such a brilliant monologue, that it filled me with emotion, I felt that this was her life.

According to Juan Sebastian Celis Maya, expert in personal development for success, people who pursue a dream feel motivated, develop more patience and become happier when achieving the proposed goal.

A husband can surprise his wife, supporting her to achieve her dreams, be they academic, cultural or business. Never underestimate a woman’s potential.

Remember to always highlight the virtues of your wife, and show confidence in the person during the process to achieve their dreams.

Leadership, values ​​and beliefs

There is nothing more beautiful for your husband to know and to guide the course of the family, since they share the same values ​​and spiritual beliefs, especially in times of crisis.

In the place Tomorrow’s world, a very important assessment is made about the importance of building a family based on values ​​and a belief in a Higher Self. Mention Psalm 127: 1 “If the Eternal does not build the house, those who build it labor in vain.”

It is said that women are usually stronger than men in some circumstances, as they draw strength from where they do not have. But seeing in difficult times, the strength and courage that man has, melts any woman, especially one who is humble enough to ask a Higher Being for help and protection for his family, without the need to practice religion.

An award for femininity

Very often men tend to give very nice things to their wives, such as perfumes, underwear, or a jewel. It is true that we all like to receive this type of pampering from them, which will somehow beautify the relationship.

An article published by WomenAliaclarifies very well the meaning of femininity and expresses it like this: “Beautiful bodies, eyes, hair, height, is what the media sell; true femininity is innate “

Therefore, if you want to do something to reward her femininity, surprise her with a massage session (the woman’s back muscles suffer a lot while raising children). Nor do I tell you to give him an hour in a spa, or a pedicure session. Taking care of our body as women, after having children, is limited to a quick bath, and applying lotion. The man who understands that a woman needs to take care of her body, but not to please others, but for her own well-being, melts any heart

If you liked the article, please share it with your husband, and if you want to write ideas about what things will melt your heart, go ahead and make a comment, I will be attentive to your suggestions.

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