The Language Of Soccer In Your Family. Apply It!

Avoid out of place in your relationship and always try to score as many goals as possible.

Soccer will always be present in life, to the fortune of many (myself included) and the misfortune of others. All year round there is soccer all over the planet. For this reason, it may be time to make a pact and see the world with the philosophy of the language of football.


The goal is the objective, the goal at the beginning and also at the end. The goal can consecrate stories or bury promises. Yelling a goal is absolute happiness. Therefore, try to score as many goals as possible on the day with your family, with details. From saying “good morning” to taking a breath and going out for ice cream. Family goals can be visits, talks, advice and, of course, experiences. Become a scorer and celebrate with your family the simple fact of living life, being with them, and that they are part of your life, and you are part of their team. Celebrate with your family that they are a wonderful team!

Out of place

It is, perhaps, the only “complex” concept of football. An out of place in the game is when a footballer takes advantage of his position and tries to hurt the opponent. This is: a forward (for example) cannot receive balls while he is ahead of the defenders, or failing that, the goalkeeper. This rule works to give the game fairness and avoid “goal scooters”, that is, players who remain standing in the goal only to push the balls. As a family you can fall into many out of place, think about the discussions or talks. An out of place would be to recriminate a problem that has arisen months ago or, even worse, an out of place would be to seek the opportunity to offend your partner.

Another classic out of place is talking about an ex-boyfriend during a family meal in which the new partner of a family member is introduced. Those must be avoided at all costs.

The criminal

It is aptly called “the maximum penalty.” In football there is no more savage punishment than the penalty. The penalty can be marked in various ways, but in short, a penalty occurs when a foul is committed within the large area. This foul can be touching the ball with your hand (if you are not a goalkeeper), or knocking down an opponent with treachery. The penalty faces a player before the goalkeeper, in a heads up to try to score a goal. In the family the penalties can be understood as when you send your partner to sleep on the couch, or the punishments for the children. It is important that always, before imposing a punishment, the rules of the game are understood (which, by the way, tend to change on each field; that is, in each home), and if they do not respect them then the penalty would have to come: stop watching television, not permits to go out with friends, etcetera.

Also the penalty, being a one-on-one duel, could mean sitting down to discuss a problem. Face to face, without distractions and in which the truth is the only referee. It is very necessary to have this type of penalties, so that you do not get a yellow card.

The basic concepts of soccer can also be basic concepts for a healthy family life. Would you like more rules applied to life? Write to us!

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