The Kind Face Of Loneliness

Loneliness can be an act of finding yourself, of enjoying and purifying your thoughts so that, in a conscious way, you can improve as a person more and more.

Hearing the word “loneliness” immediately refers us to sad things: abandonment, widowhood, depression, isolation, not having anyone in your life. Today I will not talk to you about that kind of loneliness that hurts. Fortunately, we can define loneliness as something subjective: an absolutely personal experience that can have many good things for your life.

The kind face of loneliness

If you have learned that loneliness is something negative, it has a lot to do with the way of consumption in today’s society: part of the philosophy of social networks is that you have to be surrounded by many people to “share” everything —and everything— with everyone (from a simple soccer game to a photo of what you are going to eat), as if that were the only key to happiness. However, I share with you the following points of view that, in my opinion, allow us to value moments of loneliness as something necessary and positive for life.

1. It is a harmonious experience

If you prefer long moments or times to be alone, think or meditate on the things you do and the kind of life you want, you are in a liberating emotional balance. When you are alone, you can dedicate yourself to enjoying the fact that you have no one by your side other than yourself and the moods that you go through. Harmony is the great key that will let you enjoy solitude.

2. Reconciliatory silence

Follow your intuition: if you know that you must reconcile with yourself, that you are in a moment of important determinations for your life, loneliness can help. This is a great time to ask yourself silently, meditating, “Am I okay?” “Am I where I want to be?” Listen to your inner self and learn to take your own advice, in harmony with life.

3. Connect with yourself

You look in the mirror and do you know who is there? If you know you need to read a book, watch a movie, disconnect from the world, go out alone to eat, enjoy a spa or a very good bath, do it. Do yoga or meditate to connect with yourself and enjoy the results. If your mirror is your ally, you are on the right track

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4. Strengthen your spirit

Prayer is always a great method of separating yourself from the materialized world. Finding among so much monotony a moment of peace and reflection through faith is important to rebuild that spiritual strength that sometimes we forget to nurture and feed.

5. Security to face the world

Once you normally learn to use these lonely spaces to your advantage, take them to the real world: discover the best way to face your fears, make decisions as a family, solve problems that afflict you. This will allow you to work better as a team at work, as a family, with the community and the society that surrounds you.

Do you stay in a relationship for fear of loneliness?

If you want to get away from people to find that moment of solitude in the field, before a waterfall, on a mountain or on a beach, at home sitting or cooking, you can always find them. The positive way of looking at loneliness will help you grow spiritually, strengthen your faith in yourself, and wonderfully complement your life.

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