The Importance Of Living Your Beliefs

Have you strayed from your faith? Do your religious beliefs hinder you, or do you not find sense to live your religion? Here are some reasons to revive your faith.

If you are a regular user of social networks, you will agree with me that every day there are more news or reports about people who commit unimaginable crimes, who transgress all social norms or who, simply, seem to go against anything that signifies good taste, refinement, prudence, ethics or humanity. Every day there is louder applause and great approval given to things that until just a few years ago we considered degrading, immoral and decadent.

Why is this happening? Why is the immoral gaining ground and the right becoming increasingly difficult to find? I think the answer can be simple: because we have all allowed it. Now, what can we do to contribute something to our society? Another simple answer: stick to our beliefs and values.

Keep the family full of good principles

The importance of living moral values

Many of us were brought up with moral principles, values, and most likely a religious faith. But as time went by we forgot the good things that our parents taught us, life put tests that perhaps we did not know how to overcome, that our beliefs did not help us solve either. And then we lost faith.

Despite this, living according to spiritual beliefs or moral values ​​is very valuable; just consider the following ideas:

  • Practicing a faith will always be a great spiritual help in difficult times, it helps you raise children with specific moral values ​​and gives structure and meaning to your passage through this earth.

  • Religion, whatever it may be, can become a compass in your life.

  • If you’ve ever been disappointed by leaders or ministers and affected your faith, it’s time to forgive, get over people, and renew your faith. Today there are many countries in which there is freedom of worship and therefore you have the great opportunity to explore new paths that satisfy your spiritual needs.

  • Practicing a faith and living your beliefs is not out of date, on the contrary! We have a great need for people whose morals are clear, responsible and who collaborate with their good acts and faith in the benefits of those who have the least, of those who need to believe.

  • There are countless social studies that remind us that individuals and families are strengthened when they adhere to its principles; Traditions and culture itself continues and flourishes in subsequent generations, in addition to the fact that children and young people stay, in a higher percentage, away from drugs and alcohol.

There are many reasons why I could invite you to live your faith, but I share only one: knowing and feeling the love of God can make a big difference in your life and that of those you love.

Teach your children with the best tool: your example

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