The Hair On The Chin Of Women Can Be The First Symptom Of These 6 Diseases

More than vanity, for health, specialists alert women about this sign.

There are many women who spend a lot of time taking care of their personal appearance every day, some do it out of vanity and others because they have noticed some characteristics that make them uncomfortable such as wrinkles around the eyes or hair on the chin, the point is that this worries them since at least the second aspect should not be overlooked.

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What reason could there be behind the appearance of hairs on a woman’s chin?

According to the page for the curious, The reasons can be several, but all deserve to be taken into account and be alert since although some are harmless, others are indicators of diseases of urgent treatment.

Therefore, if you notice that thick facial hairs begin to appear like those that usually appear in men, go to your family doctor and rule out a disease and ensure that it is treated in time.

Genetic implications

It is no secret that many physical aspects of a person are caused by the effects of genetic inheritance and this can be one of those.

The hormonal factor is what can often make a woman appear hairs on her face, and this is linked to the genetic aspect according to dermatologist Hadkey C King.

It is not a problem when it comes to the occasional hair that appears occasionally, but when the growth of it is exaggerated, then it is already a medical complication.


The hirsutism portal explains that this is a condition that causes women to grow body hair in places where only men should grow.

The main characteristic of hirsutism is that thick and pigmented hair grows in large quantities in areas such as the face, chest and back.

The woman who suffers from it presents an alteration of the male hormones called androgens (testosterone) and therefore the result of this alteration is the appearance of body hair. This may be a result of a woman’s genetics or ethnicity.

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia

This condition is due to a disorder in the adrenal glands. These glands are found above the kidneys, one in each.

The MedlinePlus page states that the adrenal glands produce several hormones (cortisol and aldosterone), which are vital for the body. A person suffering from HSC lacks an enzyme that the adrenal glands require to produce hormones.

Boys and girls can be born with this disease that must be diagnosed at birth, thus 1 in 10,000 to 18,000 children are born with this disease.

The hair on the chin is the result of the overproduction of the male hormone produced by these cells in the body.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome

The polycystic ovary syndrome according to the best healthy site consists of a disorder of the sex hormones that not only causes fertility difficulties, but also due to the innumerable cysts there are alterations in the female menstrual cycle.

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According to some studies, it is possible to stop the growth of cysts with contraceptive pills, despite that, it is always appropriate to consult your family doctor.

Cushing’s syndrome

This disease occurs when there is a high level of the hormone cortisol in the body. According to the MedlinePlus portal.

It can also be due to stress, since the adrenal glands react in a state of mood alteration and increase the production of cortisol. But the above is not the only reason that this syndrome produces, in addition to this, the consumption of medications to treat illnesses such as asthma or arthritis may be to blame for this disease to appear.

Similarly, if a tumor appears in the pituitary gland it can cause this syndrome and make facial hairs grow.


Due to the effects of the years, the most normal thing is that the chemistry of the body changes and even more in women after the arrival of menopause. So the most normal thing is that with the arrival of the years a woman begins to see some facial hair on her face, of course! Not all of them go through this situation, but if it does occur, they can always be eliminated through laser treatments to make them disappear.

As I already explained a little above, it is of great interest that if you notice that out of nowhere your body begins to manifest the appearance of facial hair or any other part of the body where it is not usual in you, consult your doctor and treat yourself on time.

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