The Grandparents: The Best Able To Give Advice

An elder will always have something to tell us, an experience to talk about and something to teach directly or indirectly.

Life has never been easy, but it is worth it. In reality, it is the greatest gift that as human beings we possess, although many times we do not realize it. Each stage of life leaves us with teachings, people, magical moments and indelible memories.

Old age is the last stage in people’s lives and it is one of the most important. But, it is also a beautiful time when important and valuable moments of a lifetime are treasured. Therefore, “grandparents” are often the most appropriate people to ask for advice.

How is that possible if they belong to another generation? Yes, it is true that they lived in other circumstances, that they know other things, that they like other types of music. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t help us when we’re having a hard time.

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What can an older person teach us? An old man will always have something to tell us; an experience to talk about and something to teach directly or indirectly, because they have already gone through situations that we still do not know. And instead of ignoring them, reproaching them or not listening to them, it is better that we realize that in them we have thousands of learnings that will help us in the trials of life and that many times will make us better people.

For example, if you are having a bad time because of a love breakup, maybe you can talk with your grandfather or your grandmother and listen to their point of view, remembering that they have gone through love experiences and can give you advice to feel better, despite to miss that person. They may not agree on some things. However, what is certain is that you will learn from your grandparent and at the same time from yourself.

On the other hand, if you feel lonely, you can always go to them. That is another topic that they understand perfectly because many of their loved ones are gone and the others are younger and busy making their lives.

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There are many people in their seventies, eighties and nineties who are alone, who have no family or who does not find it pleasant to visit and help them from time to time. Still others are living in an acyl for the elderly and there they enjoy the last stage of their lives with people their age. Some may be ill, perhaps they are in the care of their relatives or nurses and receive bad treatment, a situation that is unfair and cruel because it is important that we try to put ourselves in their shoes, that we think that one day we may need help even to do our own basic needs and that we would like to be treated with love and respect.

Older people have the necessary maturity and wisdom thanks to all the years they have lived.

Approach an older adult, give him your time, your love and your ears. They have so much to tell and you have so much to hear. They will feel better, they will like to tell you about their childhood adventures, their first love, the meaning of life and what they think of death. They will always have a teaching to give.


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