The First Photo Of The Triplets That Shocked A Country After Two Of Them Died After A Tragic Accident At Home

Ambulance sirens were the signal of tragedy for this single mother.

Two of the three

On the morning of Saturday 23 September 2017, the South Wales emergency services were called because two of Sarah Owen’s triplets, mother of the children, were not breathing.

According to those published by Daily Records, as soon as the ambulance arrived, two of the triplets were taken to the Prince Wales hospital where the death was confirmed.

The deceased children are Noah and Charlie Owen. The local police do not consider that the events are under any suspicion, rather they consider it a “tragic accident”, however they continue to search for the causes of this terrible incident.

The children’s grandmother, Siobhan Boyd, has created a gofundme account to raise funds for the funeral expenses by announcing ‚Äúsadly, today two of my grandchildren passed away, I am trying to raise money to help the mother with the costs in this tough process.

Incredibly in a matter of hours, the donation account already reached 900 euros, and a shower of comments of support for this single mother and grandmother.

Sudden death syndrome in babies

Although it is not known for sure what happened to Noah and Charlie, sudden death syndrome is one of the most common causes of infant deaths.

It is defined as the unexpected and causeless death of young children during the first year of life.

While autopsy shows no cause, over time doctors have found common patterns to consider:

  • It occurs more consistently between 2-4 months.
  • It occurs in a greater number of boys than girls.
  • Most of the cases happen in winter.
  • The baby falls asleep normally, and dies during sleep time.

Possible Causes of “Sudden Death Syndrome”

Among the most mentioned are letting the baby sleep on his stomach, exposure to cigarette smoke during the last month of pregnancy or after birth, the use of a soft mattress, and covering the baby’s head with a blanket.

However , the United States Medical Library considers other aspects as possible factors:

  • Son of a teenage mother.

  • Presence of a previous brother who suffered from sudden death syndrome.

  • Continuous deliveries, little time between one baby and another.

  • Multiple pregnancies

  • Allow children to sleep with parents.

  • Poverty, and limitation of prenatal care.

All these possible causes reveal that the best suggestion to prevent such a situation is for the baby to sleep on his back, in his crib, next to the parents’ bed.

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Other risk situations for babies

Other situations that can put the baby’s life at risk in addition to Sudden Death Syndrome can be:

  • Suffocation

Sometimes sudden death is confused with suffocation, when the two things are different, since the baby who died of sudden death does not suffer from suffocation.

So when a baby cannot breathe due to a covering of his head and nose, he suffers from suffocation. They are commonly called positional suffocation, as the child was left sleeping in a place that is not appropriate and dangerous, such as a cushioned chair, a very soft mattress, or between the parents.

  • Accidents

The most common case is when we leave babies sleeping in the beds of adults, and these are so high that they fall when they move, generally causing damage or concussion.

  • Diseases not treated in time

Most parents run away when the baby is sick, however, and from the number of cases that have been shared on this page, we know that sometimes parents take time or do not take care due to symptoms any illness of babies, unfortunately coming to attention too late.

The negligence of some parents in meeting the health needs of their children causes the death of many children in the world.

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