The Cry Of This Mother Was So Loud That The Exact Help Arrived While Her Son Was Almost Lifeless

What happened to this mother can happen to anyone; If you do not have this knowledge and the help does not arrive on time it can be fatal.

When you are a mother, much of the fatigue you suffer comes from the time that you constantly spend on alert taking care that nothing bad happens to your children. You can be sitting, apparently resting because you only see your children but the reality is that your muscles are tense, your senses alert to the maximum and your brain focused, even if you do not believe in decoding all the information that your senses give you: if you see a dog a few meters from your children, your brain is already thinking about what to do and how to react if the dog gets closer, if it gives a warning signal and if it is going to attack the children, everything happens in seconds and hence the Mothers in split seconds react in unimaginable ways to save their young.

And this happened to this mother

The Newsner published the story of Angela Sanders, Dakota’s mother, a 5-month-old baby, they were at home calmly, the little one was in his rocking chair when out of nowhere, Angela notices that something is happening, the child looks different, the child He’s not breathing and his face is turning blue!

Angela was unaware of the Heimlich maneuver, nor was cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in seconds her mind realized what she could or could not do, her reaction was to go to the window and shout with all her might help! And ask someone to help you with your problem.

And like “out of the blue” the cable installer Daniel Craft who was outside the apartments heard the desperate cry of the woman and without hesitation ran to look for her.

When Daniel arrived at the apartment, Dakota was on the floor already lifeless.

But Daniel knew the CPR procedure so he checked the boy and immediately realized that something was in his throat preventing him from breathing. He stuck his finger down his throat, pulled out the object, and the boy began to breathe again. Daniel took care of the baby until the ambulance arrived for the child.

Daniel was honored as a hero and his mother is now able to help her son and anyone else in need.

And we?

Are you trained and prepared to respond to an emergency at home?

All of us, but especially mothers and all those who have contact with children, must be sure that we can react appropriately and do the right thing in an emergency.

  • Take a CPR course

  • Learn First Aid

  • Have emergency numbers handy

Your neighbors and people around you can make a difference in your life. Cultivate good relationships with them.

  • Master your mind and control your emotions There is nothing worse than in the middle of an emergency there is a woman who does not know how to control herself and who makes the situation worse.

Miracles exist but we should not live thinking that they will happen when it is our duty to prepare and do our part.

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