The Color Red Makes Us More Attractive, According To Science

The red color in clothes and makeup is a sign of strength and great attitude. See what the experts discovered about it.

Red is a beautiful color, in each and every one of its variants. Without a doubt, it is a super striking color and difficult to lose sight of. It is very frequently used as a warning, whether of danger, or even in the insistent advertising of brands that most of us recognize precisely because this color characterizes them.

It is very present in our daily life, whether at a traffic light, indicating that we should stop or at a beautiful flower in the garden. But also, red is a color that women love.

It is one of the colors that most evoke sensuality, confidence and strength

Also related to passion and love, when used on the lips, it has created a trend among women today in many places around the world, since it gives a really colorful touch to any look.

A study of Gettisburg College ,from Pennsylvania (USA), highlighted that the woman who highlights her lips with red, appears and gives the illusion of youth. Being a color that has such beauty and charm, it is an excellent makeup accent and is perfect to make us look spectacular and win the hearts of more than one gentleman at parties.

The fact that women wear the color red makes men feel intrigued, and it is very difficult for a woman wearing this color to go unnoticed; They immediately notice that they are women with a lot of charisma, attitude and passion, because this color makes us look super jovial.

It does not matter if you are a woman with a brown or white complexion, young or mature; the red color on the lips suits us very well, and there is a perfect tone for each of us, since in lipsticks there is a wide range of shades and the truth is, it is a color that does not go out of style.

Even powerful women like Cleopatra used it assiduously. According to the story, she liked to wear iconic crimson lips, which she made up with a mixture of red pigment with beeswax, which sometimes included crushed ants.

On the other hand, this does not mean that whoever does not wear them in this color is less feminine or attractive, since these aspects totally depend on the personality of the woman in question.

And it is all a matter of taste, as they say colloquially. “ Use fashion what suits you ”, but as for lipstick, the same women have pointed out that despite liking red, the fear of “what will they say” or not knowing how to choose the tone that most highlights their beauty makes do not dare to try it.

No, not only in Lipstick

Taking the above into account, it is surprising to know that this is not the only way that the color red makes us more attractive to women. This is confirmed by a study carried out in 2010 by the best scientists and psychologists of theUniversity of Rochester (USA), which revealed that the color red makes men feel much more attracted to women, unconsciously.

The most interesting thing is that, according to the authors, it is not something learned because it does not only happen to human beings! In this study, they found that chimpanzees and female baboons, for example, visibly blush as ovulation approaches; this to attract males to mate. And there is a great similarity in the way in which human and non-human primates respond to red, explains Andrew Elliot, co-author of the study.

In order to quantify the effect of the color red on sexual attraction, Elliot and his colleagues conducted a survey, with multiple photographs of women dressed in clothes of different colors and designs.

In almost all cases, women who wore red were considered the most attractive. In addition, the subjects who participated in the study were willing to spend more money on a date with them, unlike if the clothes they were wearing were blue or green.

The perception of the intelligence or sympathy of the women portrayed for this study, however, did not vary depending on the color of the clothing of the woman photographed.

Red as attractive also works in men

But what happens when the one who wears red is a man? In the same  study  of theUniversity of Rochester,published in 2010 in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, it was shown that women perceive that men who wear red clothes have a higher status, more money and more chances of success; which makes them more attractive.

This response also has biological roots, according to the group of scientists, in alpha males of species such as baboons, red is a sign of dominance, and it is these that get more and better mates.

But you’re not only attracted by color, woman!

Indeed, there are many other things that make us attractive to women, and that have little to do with physical appearance (much less with a color), since this is only a part of who we are; We should not be obsessed with perfection according to the canons of beauty, since this is carried inside and is what really falls in love. 

In conclusion, using the color red has many positive aspects, so it is worth getting out of our comfort zone, losing our fear and adding it to our clothes or cosmetics wardrobe. And if you don’t feel comfortable in the crimson lipstick or blouse, just wear what you like! Your appeal is in your attitude and your way of being, and not just in the color you wear. Go ahead, woman!

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