The Child In All Of Us

Our drives, passions and childhood experiences will accompany us throughout our lives. Do you honor and care for the child who will always live in you?

In the Northern Hemisphere we are in full spring. The sun shines brightly and just walking a few minutes through the park, you feel the heat of the season. That’s when the ice cream cart appears. You are a respectable adult, you have a serious job and a family, so you cannot run around and scream for lemon ice to quench your thirst and heat. So you walk without losing the glamor and form civilly to wait for the swarm of children to dissipate and then ask for your snow.

Why not buy a bottle of oral electrolytes to hydrate yourself? It is more effective, right? The answer is simple: your inner child is the one who has taken you to the ice cream cart and it is the little one who is enjoying that lemon snow, since it is a pleasure that you learned to enjoy since your childhood. For some other children like me – who had many problems with bronchitis and pharyngitis – it was an unattainable pleasure, until after a certain age it was easier for me to overcome the infectious pictures. It is for this reason that from time to time, I give myself the childish joy of having a lemon slush.

Your inner child

This little guy is the one at the core of almost all of your tastes and decisions. This is not said by me, you could ask any psychoanalyst, but if you prefer not to enter this kind of labyrinth, you can ask your mother. You will undoubtedly realize that the singular joy with which you direct projects in your work, you already showed in your enthusiasm for being the organizer and boss in your childhood games. She will also know how to tell you that she is not surprised who you married, because since you were a child you liked children with those same physical or personality traits.

The fan of that team, who is with him, lose or win, is also that child who looks out and if you don’t like that sport, it is because that little boy never knew how to get along with him. He’s also the guy in you, the one who makes you take selfies in the gym to show off his body; It is the girl in you, the one who calls his friends every month to get together for tea and give himself the simple but enormous pleasure of their mutual company. And where are we going with all this?

Capitalize on the past

In Mexico, April 30 is celebrated as Children’s Day and, although perhaps you are no longer, I still hope you have had a lot to celebrate and remember because, no matter how difficult the life of a child has been, there will always be good memories. It is good to have taken advantage of dates like that day to bring them to memory; think of them with gratitude and call the people involved (your parents, uncles, grandparents, siblings, teachers, etc.) to tell them how meaningful it is for you to remember those moments.

And since you are doing this memory exercise, it may be a good idea to write these experiences for future consultations made exclusively by you, for your children to read, or even as a recreational or commercial writing project (it has become fashionable to novel your own life, for which childhood is the port from which the ship of our experience sets sail).

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Give back the good you have received

Thinking about the beautiful things that the child you were lived through and that you continue to take with you everywhere (to work, school, girl dates, the stadium, the gym) helps make this world at least as generous as it was with you back then. Furthermore, if you have the power to prevent a child from suffering some pain that you experienced, do so. I recently heard of some young entrepreneurs who visited Kenya and were surprised that most of the children were barefoot or wearing shoes that, as they were too small, had to cut to continue wearing them. These little ones frequently injure themselves or cut their feet, which causes very strong infections and long convalescence so they cannot go to school or to play. This reality deeply impressed the young entrepreneurs – since in their childhood they never lacked footwear – so they set about the task of designing a shoe that could grow together with the children. They finally succeeded and today – through a foundation created by them themselves – they produce thousands of pairs of footwear that can be worn by the same child for five years, since it can take five different sizes and shapes.

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This is a beautiful and worthy way to honor that inner child, but you don’t need a foundation or design a revolutionary shoe, just try to do the following two things:

  1. Recover the taste for simple things, for the most basic pleasures that you had as a child.

  2. Help a little one to enjoy some of these pleasures, since it will accompany him throughout his life.

In this way, you will forever honor and care for the child you will always be.

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