The Character Of Mr. Magoo Was A Myopic Old Man. Now He Shares With Us Lessons Of Happiness

Mr. Magoo is never bitter about misadventures but remains optimistic. There are no recipes to achieve happiness, but there are ways to travel it.

“If your ship doesn’t come to save you, swim to it to find it.” (Jonathan Winters)

Life is not a nap on the high seas.

Mr. Quincy Magoo was born in 1949 by its creator John Hubley, a cartoonist for United Productions of America. Mr. Magoo was the secondary protagonist of an animated short, where a bear was the star. However, his role was so well received by the public that the producer decided that he was the protagonist.

Maybe you already have it in mind, I’m talking about that bald, short and very myopic character. The key to his success is that despite the great difficulty of seeing almost nothing and mistaking traffic lights for policemen, he always succeeds. Mr. Magoo is never bitter in the face of misadventures but maintains his optimism, and lives his motto: “Survive disasters with a smile and always with good vibes.

The ship of happiness does not stop. If you can’t swim, grab your kid’s duckling float and fight. Here are some things we learn from Mr. Magoo:

Do not take it personally

I suspect that sometimes you tell yourself “I’m not going to make it,” “I’m not successful,” “I can’t be happy.” Whenever you put the reason for your unhappiness outside yourself, you are convincing yourself that the responsibility is alien. Taking responsibility is knowing that there are things you can improve. When you start to say “I can improve the bond with my son”, you have bought the ticket to happiness. Along with that “I”, comes from the hand an internal sensation that makes you say “Things happen to me with this distance from my son.” Then that inner voice shows you the way. Instead of letting another afternoon pass away from him, you grab your coat, put on perfume, and go out to invite him for a walk together or a piece of cake.

Be persistent

Mr. Magoo never loses hope, it may be that his myopia puts him in trouble, but he does not stop. In Magoo style, look at the obstacle not as something that is there to stop you but to give you a chance to show how much you want something. The psychologist Sergio Sinay says that “hope always gives us a task, it allows us to train our resources and abilities, it helps us to learn as we make our way.” Today you are sad because a friend has forgotten you. Are you planning to stay leafless daisies? Look for the agenda, call her and tell her “I miss our laughs so much” and embrace the hope of reunion.

Don’t let anything limit you

Mr. Magoo is tremendously myopic, his creator did not give him glasses, nor did he send him to the optician surgeon, he allowed him to fend for himself, to be blind to fear and to enjoy life intensely. Mr. Magoo do not allow anything to limit or stop you, because that’s the way it is: hope prepares you to have courage, it is the key to arm yourself with courage and face the ocean still with the duckling float. You may say to me: “Marta, I don’t have courage anymore, I’m tired.” You know, that is a voice that you should ignore, because it deprives you of proving the value that you have to make changes. You have the power to modify habits, situations, environments. You just need to use it.

Mr Magoo is myopic, but not unhappy, he does not give up. There are no recipes to achieve happiness, but there are ways to travel it. Don’t let circumstances drown you, arm yourself.


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