The Burden Of Responsibilities Almost Destroyed My Marriage And Health

There is something you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

After a time of marriage and enjoying each other as a couple, usually the illusion of having children to form a beautiful family comes, since they are the reflection of eternal love in a relationship.

So life takes its course, couples have children and are very happy. After all, it is the law of life! But despite fulfilling the illusion of being parents, sometimes the great responsibility that is assumed goes unnoticed.

Many women want the day to last more than 24 hours, to be able to finish with all the earrings. Between housework, raising children, caring for a husband, and working, the burden of responsibilities and obligations seems endless.

It is not only my feeling or thought; There is a study carried out by the University of Padua published in ABC society, where it is stated that it is essential to be prepared to assume the burdens of childcare and to make a balanced distribution of responsibilities between couples.

The research showed that women tend to stress more about their own husbands than about their children.

Even in Mamma Universe it is stated that husbands cease to be a support for women in terms of housework and raising children. Since they assume their role to provide and protect the family. Causing the increase of obligations in women.

For this reason, at times I have felt so overwhelmed and stressed with so many pending tasks that I often lose the sense of enjoying every moment with my family. Also, I was almost on the verge of losing my marriage.

Fortunately, it can avoid a tragedy in my relationship, when I took the initiative to talk with my partner, expressing my feelings. Therefore, it is extremely important to involve the husband in family obligations.

How to get the couple more involved?

1. A good conversation

I am a believer that communication can fix all conflicts. Therefore, it is important to explain in an assertive way, without reproach or blackmail, the way of feeling.

Explaining the personal dissatisfaction you feel when you have many obligations to fulfill. This will make it easier for him to understand that he needs to collaborate and get to negotiate the household functions with you.

2. Recognizing skills

Many times you cannot delegate functions lightly, you have to take into account the skills that your partner has. For example, if he’s good at washing the car, mowing the lawn, making beds, or cooking, then let him do it.

Remember that we all have different abilities and skills, it may be that you are very good at cooking and your husband at washing dishes.

3. Make a list

When you write down all the things you have to do, it is easier to accomplish them. Therefore, you need to make a list and thus be able to delegate functions, giving priority to your husband to choose the one that suits him best. All of this will be thinking that he has to go out to work.

4. Assess

Many times women feel little valued for the effort made daily. What causes us to forget the importance of doing things, since we do not receive the expected recognition.

Therefore, we must say that valuing the effort of the partner is the main key to avoid feeling frustrated and stressed.

5. Housework Day

Work at home is endless, you know it well! For example: washing clothes, ordering, cooking, among other things. So it is important to have a family day dedicated to cleaning the home.

As my mother used to say, when everything is clean the energies of your house flow and it makes you feel calm and comforting, having family harmony.

6. Rotate responsibilities

Many times it is very tiring to do the same job for years.

In school for parents, we share the idea of ​​rotating the responsibilities of the home. You can even delegate duties to all members of your family to make work lighter and more enjoyable.

It is also an excellent idea to contribute new ways of doing things. Many times you may be surprised how you do such a thing and your partner does it in another way, it may even be simpler.

7. Stop worrying

Many times we tend to worry all day trying to meet all the pending issues in a timely manner, however, some things can wait. It’s about thinking and prioritizing household chores.

For example, children can never wait to be cared for but can wait to do laundry.

8. Full rest

To forget about the stress that it causes you all week, dedicate a day to full rest. So share more unforgettable experiences with your family and loved ones. Here at this point, I want to let you reflect: is it worth complying with everything without giving you a break?

Rules to stop stressing about responsibilities

A study on stress, published in the journal Comparative Biology, assured that the reasons that cause it are the environmental and social stimuli that surround us. Also, that stress is linked to our emotions.

Therefore, when you feel an immense load of slopes, you can be overwhelmed.

For this reason I recommend:

– Express your feelings and emotions effectively with your partner. This way you will achieve that he can empathize with you.

-Distribute responsibilities equitably.

-Make a list of priorities.

-Make time for yourself.

-Avoid doing some obligation for a long time, use the roles.

-Focus on enjoying the present and the unforgettable moments that life gives you.

I know that there are many obligations to be a woman when you have a husband, children and even work to help with the household economy. However, it is valid to ask your partner for help to lighten the loads and avoid affecting your health. Make these recommendations and you will see favorable changes in a short time.

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