The Bitter Side Of Being A Teenage Mother

Our permanence as a species depends on reproduction, however I do not think that at any price it is a healthy vision. We must see motherhood as the greatest miracle in life, that is why we must be prepared for such a challenge.

That motherhood is the best thing that can happen to a woman and not to a girl is part of a campaign promoted in Mexico to raise awareness about the problems and risks of becoming a mother at a very early age. Personally, my mother got married when she was very young and at a very young age she became a mother, I must add that she is the best mother.

However, neither she nor I were ever blind to the challenges and resignations that she had to face on the path of motherhood. I know that my mother’s love is immense, I know that in her life I have been the engine, the argument and the answers she needed to hold on to get ahead. But even she when it came time to advise me asked me to first grow, live and mature before taking that step.

He never said it with all his lyrics, but I’m sure his advice was based on how difficult the journey he had to face. In all that he had to give up and face, and of course because of the great love he has for me, he did not want me to live. And it is that motherhood at any age is a challenge, but much greater when you are very young, because most of them go to motherhood without having wished.

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The bitter side of being a teenage mom

Stigmatization of society

When as a society we see a very young girl being a mother, the first thing we think of is that she is a young woman who did not receive the proper education, who lacked the necessary values ​​at home. That she is irresponsible, insecure and with few aspirations for the future. Although this may or may not be true, no matter how hard it sounds, it is still true.

Problems at home

The family begins to break down as the parents live between the guilt of what they did wrong and the desire to unload their complaints on the young mother and the frustration of seeing that all the plans and dreams they had for their future, at least they will have to rethink. And although they are supportive, the tension in the relationship will certainly be present.

Irresponsible parenting

The number of grandparents who end up being the parents of their grandchildren is significant, not to mention that young parents generally disregard responsibility and it is mothers who must assume both roles, something that will directly affect the education of children and it will create emotional gaps that will follow you throughout your life.

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Social harm

Believe it or not, all of society pays the consequences of early pregnancies, because in addition to the fact that public resources must be allocated to face them. All the possibilities of having a workforce prepared and focused on contributing to the benefit of society is altered, and in return they receive young people who without any planning start in cheap labor jobs and without great aspirations for the future.

Health problems of the mother and child

Poor nutrition, premature births, undersized size, slow cognitive development, malformations are some of the risks for the children of adolescent mothers. While for them some of the recurrent ailments are depression, spontaneous abortions, hypertension etc.

Our permanence as a species depends on reproduction, however I do not think that at any price it is a healthy vision. That is why although we must see motherhood as the greatest miracle of life, it is precisely why we have to prepare ourselves to rise to the challenge that is our own existence. Because every life counts, do the accounts of your life well.

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