The Amazing Power Of Words To Improve Your Personal Relationships

Because a word can heal a wound, or cause it.

British writer Jane Austen said: ‘It is not what we say or think that defines us; if not what we do » . However, what we think has a great influence on our actions, and words are part of it.

Many people around us are hurt by what we say, often unintentionally; Therefore, speaking must be a conscious act, so that we try to say things frankly, but correctly and prudently.

We can’t go around the world hurting people

We must be very careful in the way we relate to others. They may not hurt you – or hurt strangers, but those we love are susceptible to our actions ; And something that you neglect in your actions can seriously damage an emotional relationship.

A stranger may hurt you with something they say, but it is not the same as if those same words They come from your mother or your spouse. That is why you must take care of the way you say things and the moment of doing it, because not having control of your actions will lead you to distance yourself from those who occupy an important place in your life.

When and how to say things appropriately?

Everything has a moment to be said. It is not the same to say to someone: “I love you” in the middle of an argument, than to do it in the middle of a romantic atmosphere; it’s not going to have the same effect on people.

The same happens if you are very upset by something that a very dear person said to you and you start to shout insults, just by reaction to what they did to you. There is nothing that justifies an insult or an action that harms you, and it is very likely that the first imposition that you have is to respond in the same way.

But, what if instead of putting yourself on the same level as the person who has hurt you, you choose to remain silent, and leave for a while while the tension of the moment passes? I assure you that much damage can be avoided.

To be able to say things in a calm way, even if they have hurt you, you require not only time and space, but also self – control, mainly of this quality to avoid greater damage and bad times.

Remember: it takes two to fight

Something my sister taught me a few years ago is that there is no good thing to do to answer someone’s offense. We will always have 2 options; answer or shut up.

If you answer, what will happen is that things will get worse, on the other hand, if you choose to remain silent, even if you do not agree with what they tell you, the other person will not be encouraged to continue arguing. Your attitude is healthy because it won’t prolong a problem and nip it in the bud.

The power of NO

Know how to say not at the right time it is something that heals you from toxic relationships and cuts off all the things that are harmful to you.

Imagine yourself as a mother, giving in to everything your mother, husband and children want, just because you will feel bad if you say no and do not agree to their wishes. Imagine not being able to say no to your boss when he asks you to do something you do not want and it is outside of your values ​​as a person.

Don’t feel bad for saying no when you really don’t feel confident about whatever they propose to you. You must learn not to empower the opinion of others and always be true to your convictions.

The power of SI

Now, knowing how to say if at the right time can open youunimaginable doors, giving you opportunities you’ve never had before. Despite that, you should always analyze very well the situation they propose to you; take a good look at the pros and cons so that you are not harmed in any way.

Take care of how you talk to yourself

Surely you have heard that phrase that says that “your worst enemy is yourself.” Unfortunately it is very real, because no one can do you more harm than what you do yourself with your actions.

It is possible that many times you have caught yourself saying: “today I look really ugly”, “those dark circles make me look like a raccoon”, “I am very fat, I must stop eating so much”, “how stupid I am! and thus, an incredible number of pejorative phrases that are only making a dent in your self-esteem.

I understand that many times you feel frustrated because something does not go as you wanted, or because after resting a lot in order not to have dark circles or a tired face, you get up and look in the mirror to only see a face that you do not like; But telling you that you look ugly or feel silly is not going to make your day any better.

It is a matter of giving your best face to the situation. You must understand that there are days of days, that sometimes things will work out and others not; that some days you will look very beautiful and other days you will be pretty for what you do or think. You must always remember that you are as good or as bad as you think you are, because it is not the power of the word, it is the power that you grant it.

Choose to build with your words

You have always had the power to build or destroy in your words. You have always had the power to heal or hurt with your words; If so, then why not give yourself the opportunity to make a positive change in your life and that of those who love you.

Just as when your children are searching for a word of love and support, as when your friends seek advice, as when your partner seeks love or comfort. Change any action that can affect you and others for something that only makes others happy. Sometimes people just need to hear the right word at the right time, and it can save someone’s life.

Think about it and act in the right way, in a way that can only make you happy by making others happy.

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