The 5 Nefast Reasons Why You Care About What Others Think Of You

If you still don’t understand why the opinions of the people around you affect you so much, I invite you to read the following. Perhaps you will discover the main secret to increase your happiness.

Like all human beings, it is likely that, at some point in your life, you have received comments, both positive and negative, about yourself. Whether from your parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, neighbors and others, you have heard very different opinions regarding your actions, tastes, decisions and ways of being.

Perhaps, from your childhood, you were taught the importance of maintaining what we commonly call “a good reputation.” That if you should speak in such a way, study such a career, be less selfish or reflect a good appearance, are just some of the many prejudices with which you have grown up.

However, until now, no one may have told you how harmful it is to stay in the “good light” of people. Surely, you yourself have discovered – little by little – how exhausting it is to be aware of what others consider best for you. Indeed, through experience, you have realized that the opinion of others plays a determining role in your life, even if it may not seem like it.

Now, knowing what are some of the reasons why you care about what people think of you will help you free yourself from your fears and insecurities. Therefore, below I share only 5 of those nefarious reasons that you should get out of your mind right now.

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1. Fear of being judged

Nobody likes to be judged. Much less criticized or frowned upon. Because, to some extent, we all fear negative judgments that others may make of us, we tend to live full of fears and restrictions.

However, it is important that you understand -my dear reader- that living under the opinions of others and depending on them, can bring you severe emotional, physical, professional and even family consequences. Of course, the biggest of them: absolute unhappiness.

2. Fear of social rejection

The desire to be accepted within the social group in which you operate is a necessity of every individual. Because you were born, raised and have lived as part of a community, it is that you will always seek acceptance from the people around you.

However, the fear of being rejected for thinking or being different can lead you to become someone you are not. In fact, it can lead you down the path of heartbreak and despair by failing to live up to the expectations that people have of you, and which of course will never be met.

3. Desire to be praised and recognized

Perhaps another reason why you care about what people think of you is because you consider that the greatest recognition you can receive comes from them. That is, you have learned that your value as a person lies in the praise that others can offer you, and not in your own virtues.

Anxious about what others may or may not admire in you is one of the worst ways to waste your valuable time since there will be no greater praise than that which comes from within.

4. Fear of teasing

Without a doubt, this may be one more reason why you will always try to know what your friends, acquaintances, family members and others think about you. The fear of ridicule and teasing may be the cause of your fear of succeeding and becoming the successful woman you deserve to be. Preferring to stay in the “good concept” of people is what can lead you – at a certain moment – to disappoint yourself.

5. Tendency to perfectionism

If you consider that you will find perfection in the sight and opinions of others, you are wrong. On the contrary, waiting for people to consider you perfect is almost impossible to achieve because, you are human and so are they. Believe it or not, worrying more about what others say about you takes you away – to a greater extent – from the only human perfection that exists: happiness.

Finally, I invite you to become the best version of yourself, leaving forever behind, the strange and unproductive you seem to your life.

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