The 2 Best Ways To Seduce Your Partner Lost And Hopelessly, According To Science

These studies reveal even the colors you must wear to leave that man SURRENDERED AT YOUR FEET.

There are people who die to know the “magic formula” to make someone fall in love, unfortunately it does not exist yet and the proof of this is that there are couples who meet in such diverse situations that there would be no way to create a formula or a manual that could pay off. Although it is a fact that the odds can be increased for someone to be attracted to you according to some studies that have been carried out.

And no, they are not aphrodisiacs, or sweets or chocolates, or write a love letter to that person or serenade him the night he least expects it, surely when you read these lines, your eyes will not believe it so easily.

It was not invented, science supports it.

The ABC portal published the results of a couple of studies that were carried out at different times, but both aimed at confirming that extreme situations that carry a certain adrenaline can make a person feel more attracted to someone.

The first of the studies was conducted by psychologists Donald Dutton and Art Aron in Canada. They put different groups of people across two different bridges. The first of them was totally “normal” solid, wide and stable; the other was a suspension bridge and much longer than the first. When people were crossing, they “happened” to a pollster who asked a series of questions for a university investigation.

At the end of all the questions, the interviewer gave them her phone number to indicate that whatever the respondents needed she could help them. There were 32 people in each of the groups. On the “normal” bridge, two people called the pollster to talk to her, in the case of the suspension bridge, which was much more extreme, nine people called her. Which, he says, people who are experiencing extreme sensations tend to be more attracted when they meet someone.

Later, a second study was done, in which a group of people were put to run and at the end they were shown a video. One group ran for two minutes at full speed and the other ran for only 15 seconds at a “normal” pace. When they watched the video, the first group considered the woman much more attractive, while the other group almost no one was attracted to the woman. girl from the video.

There are also other techniques that can help

In addition to adrenaline situations, there are other “instruments” that when using them you can attract a person, this is said by the NeuroscienceInEspa├▒ol portal, these are:

  1. Use your body language to show interest or that you really care about your interlocutor.

  2. Try to get both of you to laugh; From a joke, a funny anecdote or any funny moment of the day, the fact that they make you laugh will always make someone look irresistible.

  3. If you are on a date, remember to pay attention to the background music you use. Soft rock music is said to always be a very wise choice, according to the publication.

  4. The atmosphere will always help. The aforementioned article indicates that blue, brown or green tones in the atmosphere of a date will always help to make it a great experience.

  5. Although it seems very obvious, looking into the eyes and speaking deeply is something that will demonstrate security, it is essential to take it into account.

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