The 10 Phrases Of A Man When He Wants To Leave You

Something tells you that the relationship is not going very well, and if you hear these phrases frequently, friend, prepare to say goodbye!

This human relationships is the most complex in the universe. We can never have a single and infallible recipe for happiness and success for the couple or family. When we think that everything is going well and that our relationship is going for the best, zaz !, with a stroke of the pen our entire universe falls apart.

Often we are not able to see or do not want to accept the deterioration of our relationship, and we cling to a kind of union in which one of us is no longer willing or simply no longer wants to try.

If your partner is beginning to use any of these ten phrases to distance himself, tune up your “antennas” and face with integrity and intelligence what is coming. Are you ready? Let’s see:

1. I need alone time

This is one of the most common, bland and false phrases a man can say. When he says this, the obligatory reply is: ‚Äútime alone, what for? To watch TV?”. Normally, this has as a background that you need time, but to go out and meet someone else, because we are already in the way.

2. I am a bit confused

Well, they are not mathematics! The confused is clarified by speaking, not by running away. When we do not understand something in the relationship, we must ask for it to be explained or clarified, and then communication improves, dialogue grows and the relationship strengthens; But when someone says that they do not see clearly, or that they do not understand, it is because they are looking for excuses and then say goodbye, blaming anyone else except himself for his departure.

3. I am very in love with you

How? And is that bad? Are you scared? If a guy tells you that he is in love but prefers to retire, then you should definitely let him go. If he loves you and does not have the character and strength to face what comes and is scared by what he feels, it is not a good or safe option to love. Let him pack his bags and when he’s gotten strong, if he wants to, come back; But if the place you left is no longer free, don’t complain or demand anything! There is no place for cowards here!

4. We have different goals

And when, or how did they change? What happened or who came that everything changed without notice? Again, it’s one of the old tricks of saying you’re looking to “match up with someone else.” Differences in a relationship do not happen overnight, they take time and, usually, when there is interest, they are resolved, the partner is not abandoned.

5. You are drowning me

Could someone explain to us how it is that the pampering and attention that one day we love, another day drown us? Again: what is not sought to be solved in time becomes a mere pretext to abandon the couple.

6. I don’t want to hurt you

The great lie of the century! If I really had the intention of caring and not hurting the loved one, I would speak honestly and seek to solve what we dislike. When a man says this it is because he is already making or making wrong decisions that will turn out badly and that when they appear he will say: “I told you! I was going to hurt you!”

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7. You deserve someone better

And how do you know? This is another of the “delicate” ways of saying “I want to be with someone else.” It would be like saying to yourself, “Go find someone better so I can leave without regrets.”

8. Let’s take time to meet other people

Why? Have you already seen someone? It’s another “civilized” way of saying, “I like someone else and you’re getting in the way.”

9. I still don’t want to formalize

If he tells you this, please help him pack his bags.

10. I am not ready to have children

Do you really want someone by your side who does not want to push yourself and accept the challenge? Think long and hard before begging her to stay. When a person no longer wants to be by our side, we should not stop him, beg and much less lower our womanhood, humiliate you and endure contempt so that he stays with you.

Ditching someone hurts, but look at it this way: trees that are pruned lose something of themselves, but they grow, become stronger and bear much better fruit when what is no longer useful is removed; the same thing happens with us women.

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