That The Urgent Is The Important Thing, 3 Tips To Achieve It

If the urgent thing is what we must give our immediate attention to, then we have been doing the wrong thing. Read on and find out what I mean.

Not being clear about the concepts is what often makes us lose ourselves between various meanings, so let’s start at the beginning. The urgent and the important are things that can be relative, it is true. But in general we think of the urgent as that which does not wait. While the important thing is something you must do, no matter what.

Let me explain myself better. If the urgent thing is what we must give our immediate attention to, then we have been doing the wrong thing. Our family and our life is what must be urgent, while work and commitments are only important.

It is believed that urgent is only what has to be done at the moment, but no, urgent also applies to the urgent. The work and the pending are important and you have to do them, that is your responsibility. But putting them in the first place as if they were unavoidable, will make you lose sight of all those things that you cannot and should not ignore, and that are what give us meaning.

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Make the urgent important in 1,2,3

As I was saying, what is truly pressing is to live, and by living I mean everything that is priceless, but worth all efforts. For example, love, enjoy, live together. Since we are clear about one and the other, the challenge is to make us care about what is urgent; here I tell you how to achieve it.

1. Do not make urgent what is not

Do not allow things that are not urgent to take that name. If you ignore your responsibilities, at some point you will have to turn your full attention to them. Be serious and responsible in your daily tasks, that will prevent what is only important from becoming urgent.

2. Plan to be happy

Always have clear goals and projects. When you are doing them, do not lose sight of the fact that the objectives you have must give you satisfaction and quality of life. If you use purely material aspects as a tabulator, the effort to achieve them could be very heavy. Make being happy your ultimate goal.

3. Do not confuse the concepts

Going back to the first paragraph, it is essential that you know what the priorities in your life should be. Acting without having these concepts established and clarified will inevitably lead you to do things in the wrong order. Make no mistake: living is not limited to the activities you do to earn a salary.

The important things assume a scale of values ​​and it is up to us to decide their relevance. What is important can be discriminated, on the other hand, when something is urgent it cannot be ignored.

It is the urgencies that mark our priorities and, therefore, our decisions. To speak of urgency is to speak of truly necessary things. I know that I am giving you a different concept of how surely you have handled yourself up to now, and perhaps that is precisely why it has not worked for you. Take the challenge and start living urgently.

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