Thank You My God For My Marriage

Learn to value life as a couple, loving their flaws and virtues. Thank God for being a blessed woman.

“For this reason a man will leave father and mother,

and will join his wife

and the two will be one flesh “

(Genesis 2.24)

One of the most important decisions in the life of some women is to get married. Many of them live excitedly spending part of their adolescence dreaming of finding their prince charming to live eternally in love. Actually, it is a wonderful stage in which you discover the love of a couple and you learn a lot about important aspects of love relationships.

Although sometimes love is blind, as my father would say, when the couple is fully convinced of making the final decision to unite their lives forever, it is as if reason does not exist, since the heart rules. And many aspects of living together are unknown until the day of the wedding.

Fortunately, many things about relationships are learned over the years, and if this were not the case, marriages would not possibly exist. It is not only about living in love for a while, but it is about finding the true essence, which will make the love between the two remains solid and strong.

Thank you, thank you and thank you

I still have a hard time understanding why some marriages fail without giving themselves the opportunity to fight to save their love; perhaps due to immaturity, habit, economic instability or simply infidelity. However, when there really is that desire and true love between the two of you, any situation no matter how complicated it may seem can be resolved, it is only a matter of finding that spiritual bond that has united you.

Although it sounds easy to say, feeling the spiritual bond again is not an easy thing, since it requires a lot of patience, respect, communication and common goals. By this I mean fighting together against all adversity as the team that you are, always supporting each other in the good and bad situations in life. However, when one gives up and throws in the towel in the middle of the road then it will be difficult to recover the essence of love.

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For this reason, it is essential to reflect on the marriage and relationship you currently have, learning to value your spouse and thus strengthen love.

Thank God for your marriage

And surely you will agree with me in thanking daily for this and much more:

1 Have a travel companion

All human beings are social by nature, we always grow in need of others, thus we are forming concepts, ideas, an identity and personality. The same thing happens in almost all love relationships, your spouse will be the person who will accompany, support and experience with you each new stage that you live.

Thank God for having a partner, who stays by your side every day to learn together challenging problems, and not only that, but you have someone with you to share your joys, your sorrows and successes.You will never be alone and you will always find support or motivation to keep going!

2 Because you learn to be a better person

It is common for people to live a very individualized and selfish world before getting married, but when you have a partner that world no longer exists because it becomes a pluralized one, where there is no longer a you, but both.

By being a couple you become a better person, the one who learns to listen, to give in, to communicate, to support, to control their emotions and feelings, in order to achieve a balanced and harmonized life. You even learn to sacrifice yourself for the welfare of your spouse without putting your own integrity and ideologies at risk.

3 You discover what you are capable of

Life is constantly full of challenges and challenges; It is the way in which we human beings learn to achieve the happiness we long for. Thank God for having your spouse, because by going through life together you will surely have discovered things that you thought you were incapable of doing or thinking.

Perhaps they have experienced moments where economic problems They have devastated them, however, there is always a new idea, a ray of sunshine that appears in the dark, which guides you to exploit your inner strength in order to get ahead.

Many times the partner and the family are the engine that drives and motivates us to achieve unthinkable things, those things that you think are impossible, but that are not when you discover the great capacity you have to solve any adversity.

4 He cares for you

One of the things I value most about my husband is when he remains by my side, taking care of me when I have fallen ill. In truth, there are times when I don’t want to get out of bed because of how bad I have felt, even from a simple cold. For this I thank God for having my partner, since he is always by my side taking care of my health at all times.

His tender cuddles, details and demonstrations of love are the best medicine to recover, therefore, I value his company and love.

5 Loads are lighter

We all have many responsibilities and obligations to fulfill in order to live a stable and calm life, and those burdens will be less complicated when you receive the help and support of your partner. Maybe collaborate with tasksof the home or with any project you have to deliver; he will always be available 24 hours a day to help you.

6 You feel loved, calm and happy

His beautiful details, his kisses, his hugs, as well as waking up and sleeping next to him enhance my days, make them special and wonderful. An “I love you”, our intimate encounters, receiving text messages asking me how my day is going, these are things that fill my heart with happiness.

Learn to thank God for your marriage, thank you for having a good, unique and special partner who accompanies you on this journey of life. You can disagree with their bad character, their bad habits and their many defects, but also learn to value her great virtues will make you a blessed and lucky woman.

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