Teflon Heart? Tips So That Your Love Does Not Slip

Do you dream of finding the love of your life and you don’t know why you can’t find it?

It’s four in the afternoon, it’s raining outside and Josefa arrives somewhat in a hurry to her appointment with the psychologist. The decision to visit an expert has not been at all easy, but you have decided to find someone neutral to tell you what you are doing wrong to find love.

He cannot understand why, despite making all possible attempts to have a stable partner, he cannot. She tells herself that she is young (and of course she is: she is barely twenty-eight years old), professional, has a house, a car and all the comforts anyone could imagine. However, she is not happy. And no matter how hard she searches, she cannot find what she so needs: a little love to share her whole life.

Josefa leaves her umbrella in the waiting room. Something nervous sits down and begins to think of all those “reasons” she has to be happy. Suddenly, a voice distracts her from all the torment in her head: it is the secretary, who kindly invites her to come to the psychologist’s office. Upon realizing it, she smiles at him and thanks him. A little shy comes in and tells the specialist what is happening with her life. The psychologist listens to her attentively for long twenty minutes, after that he reaches the following conclusion:

  1. To find love you must have an open attitude. Josefa’s idea of ​​finding the love of her life has led her to become distant from the entire male gender. No matter how old she is or with what intention you approach her: she always shows a hostile attitude, when in fact she should be the opposite, because nobody is willing to fall in love with an ogre.

  2. Obsessing is not healthy. Everything that Josefa undertakes, she does thinking that one day she will be able to enjoy it with her loved one. This has led her to become obsessed in such a way that she has not allowed herself to naturally follow the course of her own life and projects.

  3. Internal wounds heal little by little. All the bad experiences that Josefa has had, have led her to think that ALL men will act in the same way. She has not dedicated the time necessary to heal her own wounds, but has gradually deepened them, leaving herself in the worst state to love.

  4. Loving yourself is the first step. No one can be ready to love without first loving himself. She must begin to love herself for who she is, for what she desires, to trust herself. This is a basic principle that we should all use.

  5. Enjoy life and observe carefully. Taking time to go out with friends or organize different scenarios that lead to meeting new people is always a good option. The important thing is to always be attentive to discover that there will always be someone interesting around us to start a sweet conversation.

If, like Josefa, you feel that little by little your heart is being covered with a Teflon layer, and that you are letting every opportunity that life gives you to love slip, consider these tips. Nobody changes overnight, but I am sure that if you make the effort to be more flexible, you will find a way out. Because love, like life and water, always end up finding its own channel.

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