Teen Finds Out She Has Testicular Cancer After Using A Pregnancy Test

Depending on the result of the pregnancy test, many men, of all ages, can detect this type of cancer early.

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Posted by Byron Geldard on  Monday, September 1, 2014

«I had a positive pregnancy test in my hand and something growing inside me. I thought it was going to end up in some documentary, “ explains Dyron Gerald in a note published in The Telegraph..

This is how his story begins when he was only 18 years old

It all started with a pain in one side after finishing his school exams. The teenager from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, went to his GP, who told him that it was probably “a sore muscle.”

But it was after a vacation Gerald took with his friends that he returned to his doctor, and this time, they found a nodule on his side that he had originally reported in pain.

Ultrasound confirms the worst

Geldar had a tumor that had spread to his lungs, but although the doctors knew it was some type of cancer, they did not know what type.

“They didn’t know what type of cancer he had, he could have had four or five types of cancer”

While the doctors continued to discuss what type of cancer was affecting the young man, Geldar could not take it anymore, he left the room and fainted, he describes it as “the fear of the unknown.”

A pregnancy test was the one that determined the type of cancer she had

After checking the level of HCG, the hormone known as the pregnancy hormone, since it is only produced by the placenta during pregnancy (and now we know that in some types of cancer in both men and women even though they are not pregnant) .

Byron was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer that spread to his lungs and stomach.

“I gave a urine sample to the hospital, they gave me a positive pregnancy test and I started chemotherapy the next day.”

The chemo helped lower the HCG levels and the tumors began to shrink. After a few rounds of chemo he underwent surgery to remove tumors that had grown in his testicle, abdomen, and in the lymphatic system behind the abdomen.

How Cancer Changed Byron’s Life

Posted by Byron Geldard on  Monday, September 1, 2014

He was fine again, but something inside him changed forever:

“Before this happened, you think that your life is practically guaranteed until you turn 85, but (this) made me realize my own mortality – it was like having the crisis of 40”.

In his early 20s, he is now an ambassador for teens in early cancer prevention and arrest.

Can pregnancy tests detect testicular cancer?

The short answer is yes, but it is a bit more complicated than a simple yes. According to an article published on CNN, Dr. Ted Gansler, medical director of the American Cancer Association, said in a statement that “At the time of diagnosis, only a minority of men with testicular cancer would have sufficient levels of HCG in their urine. enough to be detected in a pregnancy test.

However, although as he himself says, “the fact that we have all men take a pregnancy test is not going to decrease the number of cases.” It is much easier to detect HCG much earlier using a blood test and not a urine test.

And, on the other hand, the presence of the pregnancy hormone when a pregnancy is not possible, either because you are a man or because you are a woman but knowing for sure that you are not pregnant, can mean the presence of more than one cancer, and not just testicular cancer.

However, in Byron’s case, when they thought it was muscle pain and then didn’t know what type of cancer it was, it was a pregnancy test that saved his life.

Symptoms of testicular cancer

According to Cancer.net, the most common symptoms of testicular cancer are:

  • Nodule or inflammation of a testicle that does not cause pain (in its first instances it is the size of a chickpea)

  • Pain or discomfort in that area

  • Changes in the way or how they feel

  • Pain in the lower abdomen

  • Fluid retention in the scrotum area

  • Breast pain and / or growth in some less common cases

  • Lower back pain, shortness of breath, chest pain, and bloody mucous membranes can develop as symptoms in the later stages of cancer.

If in doubt, it is essential that you go to the doctor or take your child in the presence of these symptoms. Remember that the pregnancy test is one way to find out, but when it is more advanced and the HCG levels are high enough to test positive.

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