Techniques To Reduce Anxiety At Work

Learning to manage stress and anxiety at work can greatly improve your productivity and quality of life.

Techniques to decrease anxiety at work

Many of us spend long hours in the office sitting, working under pressure and constantly solving situations that drain us mentally and even emotionally.

This daily living generates stress but above all anxiety and manifests itself, for example, when you are biting everything, eating whatever and all day or with a feeling of confinement and trapped.

If you are familiar with some of these feelings and you recognize that anxiety is beginning to undermine your well-being, I invite you to put into practice some or all of the recommendations that Treatments for your anxiety offers us.

Take little breaks

Throughout the day take small breaks, stand up, walk, go somewhere else, drink water, close your eyes for a few minutes, take a deep breath and rest your mind. This is not wasted time, it is time invested, you may not advance further or finish all your work by taking these breaks but the sure thing is that at the end of the day you will be calmer and without anxiety.

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Go out and get some sun

The sun is a natural stimulant of certain vitamins and above all, it will lift your spirits and you will feel much better.

Get some exercise

Move your neck, raise your legs, rotate your ankles, and stretch. When it is your mealtime, use the stairs, wear comfortable shoes that allow you to move with confidence and security, then you can move more and believe it or not, relax your body more.

Use the agenda, schedule your day

Many times anxiety comes from not organizing our work and by ourselves we complicate our lives. Use the agenda, alarms and reminders to prepare your appointments, meetings, presentations and above all, forget about procrastinating, doing everything at the last minute to feel the adrenaline, believe me, it is not healthy and please, do not consume energy drinks Well, even if you feel revitalized at the moment, the price your health pays is very high, it is not worth it.

Learn to handle toxic people

It is also true that there are people who steal our energy, make us feel bad or that, no matter how much we do, there is no empathy or affinity, so first of all, put respect, professionalism and learn not to get involved in gossip or situations that wear out your valuable vital energy.

Listen to music

Pleasant, light, or instrumental music to your liking can help you focus, think positive thoughts, relax, and maintain a good attitude. Just remember that it is for you, not for the whole office and that your tastes may not be those of all your colleagues, keep the volume low and discreet.

Leave work problems at work

Don’t take them home or think about them all day. For me this particular practice is very difficult to achieve but I am exercising it and there are days when I truly forget about the office and although I still have not fully achieved it, I begin to rest my mind a little more.

Learn to ask for help and to work as a team

Part of our work success has to do with knowing how to work with our colleagues in a good way and in plans where tasks are divided, this lightens work and strengthens personal relationships, fulfills what is your turn and above all helps others so that when you need support, you can get it from your peers.


There is nothing like the miracle of changing your attitude and your thoughts. Nothing and no one can do it for you, only you have that power and if you can overcome your own negative feelings with a good attitude, the world will be yours.

Your health and quality of life will show you.

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